Sell your music with iTunes

iTunes is the world’s most popular and important digital music store, and is available in 111 countries. Our iTunes distribution makes it easier than ever to share your music with the whole world. In addition to the classic download options, there’s also Apple Music, a subscription-based streaming service that allows Apple to compete with Spotify and Co.
Music distributed through the iTunes store package is automatically distributed to both the iTunes Store and Apple Music.
As a rule, it takes just a few days for music to be sold on iTunes once a release has left recordJet. There are, however, always exceptions, since iTunes releases can be subjected to a random quality check. This can significantly delay the availability of your music. For this reason, always take 4-6 weeks lead time into account.

iTunes Vertrieb - Musik auf iTunes verkaufen
iTunes | recordJet
How much does iTunes pay?

One of the most important questions in digital music distribution is “how much will I make selling my music?”. For a track that sells for €0.99 on iTunes, an average of €0.71 goes to recordJet. Depending on whether you’ve chosen a deal with a 90% or 100% payout, up to €0.71 will go to you.
Streaming services typically range between 0.1 and 1 cent per play. The amount depends on the store’s advertising revenues, price model, channel used, country, number of premium customers etc., and therefore varies monthly.

Additional iTunes services

Releasing music on iTunes is great for musicians, because the store offers some extras that help with promotion. More information is available under “Services” after logging in. This is also where you can book the additional options for your release.
– Mastered for iTunes: Send files that have been especially mastered in high-quality audio for iTunes to the store. You’ll receive the “Mastered for iTunes” label, which stands for quality and an outstanding sound experience.
– iTunes Instant Gratification: Make selected tracks available for your fans before the official release date.
– iTunes Artist Images: Upload exclusive images that buyers of your music can marvel at in the iTunes player.
Registering for an Apple Music Connect account is free.

iTunes Vertrieb - Deine Musik auf iTunes verkaufen | recordJet
iTunes Vertrieb - Deine Musik auf iTunes verkaufen | recordJet
iTunes preorders

iTunes releases can be preordered before the official release date. The release is visible during this time and can be ordered as an album (not as individual tracks) but cannot be downloaded yet. Audio samples are deactivated in the preorder phase.
When you distribute your music through recordJet, you can set the date for the preorders to begin. The preorder phase automatically ends on the official release date. During the preorder phase, the release can only be purchased in full (“album only”). This is a standard function and no cause for concern. Tracks can be purchased individually after the official release date.

iTunes Trends

About 24 hours after a sale takes place on iTunes, Apple provides us the sales data. You can see this data in your account under “Trends”.
Credit from iTunes usually arrives at the end of the month after the purchase month, and is credited to your recordJet account on the 1st of the following month.

iTunes Vertrieb - Deine Musik auf iTunes verkaufen | recordJet
recordJet iTunes Importer
iTunes Importer

If you’re switching to recordJet from another distributor, we have a tool that makes it easy for you to transfer all of your details: The iTunes Importer.
Log in to recordJet and open the iTunes importer. Search iTunes for the release you want and then click “Import”. The release information (basic info, track list, artist details, cover preview, etc.) is automatically transferred from iTunes. This means you no longer have to enter all the info manually, leaving you more time for the essentials. Just add any missing information for the release, and then upload the songs and the cover image in high resolution. Done.

iTunes Countries

iTunes and Apple Music are currently available in the following countries:

iTunes USA

iTunes UK

iTunes France

iTunes Germany

iTunes Austria

iTunes Belgium

iTunes Finland

iTunes Greece

iTunes Italy

iTunes Luxemburg

iTunes Netherlands

iTunes Portugal

iTunes Spain

iTunes Canada

iTunes Ireland

iTunes Sweden

iTunes Norway

iTunes Switzerland

iTunes Denmark

iTunes Japan

iTunes Australia

iTunes New Zealand

iTunes Mexico

iTunes Bulgaria

iTunes Cyprus

iTunes Czech Republic

iTunes Estonia

iTunes Hungary

iTunes Lithuania

iTunes Latvia

iTunes Malta

iTunes Poland

iTunes Romania

iTunes Slovenia

iTunes Slovakia

iTunes Argentina

iTunes Bolivia

iTunes Brasil

iTunes Chile

iTunes Colombia

iTunes Costa Rica

iTunes Dominican Republic

iTunes Ecuador

iTunes El Salvador

iTunes Guatemala

iTunes Honduras

iTunes Nicaragua

iTunes Panama

iTunes Paraguay

iTunes Peru

iTunes Venezuela

iTunes Brunei

iTunes Cambodia

iTunes Hong Kong

iTunes Laos

iTunes Macao

iTunes Malaysia

iTunes Phillipines

iTunes Singapore

iTunes Sri Lanka

iTunes Taiwan

iTunes Thailand

iTunes Vietnam

iTunes Anguilla

iTunes Antigua and Barbuda

iTunes Armenia

iTunes Azerbaijan

iTunes Bahamas

iTunes Bahrain

iTunes Barbados

iTunes Belarus

iTunes Belize

iTunes Bermuda

iTunes Botswana

iTunes Burkina Faso

iTunes British Virgin Islands

iTunes Cape Verde

iTunes Cayman Islands

iTunes Dominica

iTunes Egypt

iTunes Fiji

iTunes Gambia

iTunes Ghana

iTunes Grenada

iTunes Guinea-Bissau

iTunes India

iTunes Indonesia

iTunes Israel

iTunes Jordan

iTunes Kazakhstan

iTunes Kenia

iTunes Kyrgyzstan

iTunes Lebanon

iTunes Mauritius

iTunes Micronesia

iTunes Moldowa

iTunes Mongolia

iTunes Mozambique

iTunes Namibia

iTunes Nepal

iTunes Niger

iTunes Nigeria

iTunes Oman

iTunes Papua Neuguinea

iTunes Quatar

iTunes Russia

iTunes Saint Kitts and Nevis

iTunes South Africa

iTunes Swaziland

iTunes Trinidad and Tobago

iTunes Turkey

iTunes Tadjikistan

iTunes Turkmenistan

iTunes Uganda

iTunes Ukraine

iTunes Uzbekistan

iTunes Simbabwe

iTunes Yemen

iTunes Albania (no music)

iTunes Algeria (no music)

iTunes Angola (no music)

iTunes Benin (no music)

iTunes Bhutan (no music)

iTunes Chad (no music)

iTunes China (no music)

iTunes Republic of Congo (no music)

iTunes Kroatia (no music)

iTunes Guyana (no music)

iTunes Iceland (no music)

iTunes Jamaica (no music)

iTunes South Korea (no music)

iTunes Kuwait (no music)

iTunes Liberia (no music)

iTunes Macedonia (no music)

iTunes Madagaskar (no music)

iTunes Malawi (no music)

iTunes Mali (no music)

iTunes Mauretania (no music)

iTunes Montserrat (no music)

iTunes Pakistan (no music)

iTunes Palau (no music)

iTunes Saint Lucia (no music)

iTunes Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (no music)

iTunes São Tomé and Principe (no music)

iTunes Senegal (no music)

iTunes Seychelles (no music)

iTunes Sierra Leone (no music)

iTunes Solomon Islands (no music)

iTunes Suriname (no music)

iTunes Tanzania (no music)

iTunes Tunisia (no music)

iTunes Turcs and Caicos (no music)

iTunes Uruguay (no music)