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Alice Merton

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Tower, Antenna

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recordJet passengers hit the charts

Alice Merton

Rising high: Canadian singer Alice Merton made it to #43 of the German charts with "No Roots"

Liebe deine Stadt | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts

Lukas Podolski, Mo-Torres & Cat Ballou

Everybody loves Lukas: The Cologne hymn "Liebe deine Stadt" (love your city) entered the German charts at no. 26.

Hustensaft Jüngling | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts

Hustensaft Jüngling

Another one of out youngest passengers made it into the charts: Hustensaft Jüngling entered on #20 of the Official German Hip Hop Charts with his album "Trap Gott".

Miami Yacine | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts

Miami Yacine

„Kokaina“ by newcomer Miami Yacine has been in the Official German Charts for several weeks. The surprising debut hit entered on #92 and managed to climb all the way up to #19 in Germany, as well as up to #59 in Austria.

Sabrina Sauder | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts

Sabrina Sauder

Our female passengers reach for the stars too: Sabrina Sauder made it into the Official Swiss Charts with her new album "Liebst du mich?" ("Do You Love Me?"), and went straight from 0 to 29.

M.I.K.I. | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts


From 0 to 9 out of the blue: M.I.K.I. entered the Official German Charts with his new album "Kurvenmukke".

Ufo361 | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts


Next round: Ufo361 hit the charts again, and ranked on #13 of the official Top 100 German Longplay charts with "Ich bin 2 Berliner". Even during the 2nd week he still made it to #93.

HB13 | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts


Our passenger HB13 entered the Official German Album Charts from zero to #6 with his release "Bang Bang (Baba Saad Edition)". Awesome job!

Culcha Candela | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts

Culcha Candela

Culcha Candela are well known in the German music scene: The remix release of their former smash hit "Wann dann?!?" brought them all the way up to #71 in the official German charts.

Rapido | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts


22 year old half-french musician „Rapido“ surprised with his album „Messias“ and easily managed to enter the official album charts on #16 and the Mega Charts Album Top 100 on #14. In Switzerland, he entered the Album Charts on #44.

Topic | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts

Topic feat. Nico Santos

Passenger „DJ Topic“, well-known for his productions with German Youtube musicians like Liont and Kayef, entered the official German Single Charts on #21 and the Austrian Single Charts on #31 with his Single „Home feat. Nico Santos“.

Joel Brandenstein | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts

Joel Brandenstein

Number #36 of the German Single Charts goes to Joel Brandenstein! Joel’s single „Lebenskraft“ was his 2nd charts success in 2015, after he had reached the Top 20 with his song „Grenzenlos“ earlier that year.

DAT ADAM | recordJet
recordJet passengers hit the charts


And another one: Passengers DAT ADAM hit number 22 in the German, and number 5 in the Austrian single charts.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month in February: Alice Merton

“I‘ve got no roots, but my home was never on the ground”. One whole sentence seems to sum up the life of the English/Canadian singer and songwriter Alice Merton. Four countries and eleven moves later, she starts to take her first independant steps into the music industry.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month in January: Tower, Antenna

Tower, Antenna create music that is bittersweet, gritty and alluringly catchy. Hamburg residents Ulrich Witt, Florian Schmuck and Stephan Richter reformed the trio in 2015, with post-punk- style vocals, melancholic guitar melodies and dark electronic instrumentation, paving the way for their first collection of songs.

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On the recordJet blog
More tips on how to get the most out of Spotify (for advanced users)

This article describes hacks and advanced tricks to make the most out of Spotify, and deals with topics like Spotify Artist Insights, banner images, merch and tour dates.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month in December: Vega.

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On the recordJet blog
iTunes: Holiday Delivery Deadlines 2016/17

Like each year, iTunes has informed recordJet about their year end delivery deadlines for November, December and January 2016/17. Please check our blog article for the deadlines for delivery to iTunes.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month: Taktloss.

Born in the West-Berlin, in the days when Berlin was separated. To make a long story short, he is tactless. „Battlereimpriorität“ was his first album released in 1997. In those days he was part of the group „WESTBERLIN MASKULIN“. They established the „i don´t give a fuck“ attitude in german rap music. Taktloss released to date, more than 10 albums.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month: Alfred Quest.

Listen to "Midlife Wellness" now on Spotify.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month: Jaxx.

We are Jaxx, a producer and DJ duo from Germany, Cologne / Düsseldorf that climbed to the top within a few months. Since 2003 we have been producing various styles of music, collaborating with artists such as Carlprit, TomE (DJ Antoine-Bella Vita), Baby Brown and many more.

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On the recordJet blog
New guy alert – MAX helps us fly that bird.

A short while ago the recordJet crew grew again. No, we didn’t get fatter – just taller this time, because our new addition MAX is a true Hamburger Jung (guy from Hamburg). Here he comes with his first exclusive interview. Behold, ladies, he will be famous soon.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month: The Wizard Lady Bros.

Back in the 80′s we remember The Wizard Lady Bros. in full bloom. With their smash hit “Take it 2 the max.” they roughed up the dusty music biz not only musically, but also by the way they moved their bodies to the rhythm of their unique sound.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month: Culcha Candela

14 years in the music industry, 7 albums, more than 1000 live shows, hits and awards. And now? Their own label, distributed by recordJet. Welcome on board, Culcha Candela.

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On the recordJet blog
recordJet Passenger of the Month: Erica Dee

Erica Dee has been living a life some people only dream of ‐ traveling the world as a Vocalist, DJ & MC. Her soothing, honey laced voice and playful melodies make her a highly sought after featured vocalist for many artists, and after years of noteworthy collaborations, Erica Dee is opening her heart and releasing her first ever solo album, “New Skies”, on May 13, 2016.

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Why recordJet?

Today, there are a large number of music distributers and a few content aggregators offering their services: CDBaby, Zimbalam, Believe Digital, YouTunez, iMusicianDigital, Tunecore, Finetunes, ReverbNation, DittoMusic, etc. However, when we wanted to sell our own music in 2008, we couldn’t find anyone whose offer completely matched our ideas. We thought, “We can do this too, and more importantly: much better!”

Due to the lack of suitable alternatives, we eventually founded our own aggregator and music distribution service: recordJet.

recordJet’s mission was, and still is, to do things differently, to offer the perfect service by musicians for musicians. You can never be perfect in this field, but we try to achieve this lofty goal as often as we can. That’s why we keep developing and improving, sometimes thanks to the many good ideas our passengers have given us. But what is the real difference in our philosophy? What was it that bothered us about other digital distributors and content aggregators, or what did we feel was missing? Very often, it’s the little things that cause big problems.

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Trends | recordJet
Passengers about recordJet
Milky Chance

recordJet has been an extremely competent and very likeable partner for us in making music digitally available, right from the start. It's where advice, assistance and huge levels of motivation help artists, start-up companies and labels to distribute their music! We're quite certain that you can only do as good a job as they do every day with the deepest love for music and a collection of very notable personalities. It's been a consistently positive experience for us, for which we're sincerely grateful!

Passengers about recordJet
Morlockk Dilemma

I love recordJet because they help me make my dream come true: to become rich in order to buy myself into a better society.

Passengers about recordJet

There are plenty of reasons why I distribute through recordJet, but the most important ones are transparency, customer friendliness and reliability. The best part is that only the stores take their cut in fees, and the rest goes to me.

Passengers about recordJet
Das Niveau

recordJet is a really great digital distributor, but asking us to tell the world how cool they are is something they could have spared themselves. Who do they think we are, the Salvation Army?

Passengers about recordJet

We released our first digital music project through recordJet, and are very satisfied with everything from registration to release. If you have questions, a friendly team with a quick response time is available. We were able to release our EP on all major portals, and quickly and easily access all of the statistics. recordJet operates very transparently and, ultimately, the price persuaded us too. I can recommend recordJet to both young artists and those that are more established.

Passengers about recordJet
DJ Access

I've been with different artists in various distribution deals and for the first time, I feel at home with recordJet. Here you receive fast answers while maintaining your freedom. You don't deal with complicated exclusive contract webs that end up constricting the artist. Besides being the best profit-generating model in Germany, you have free access to collect payment and follow statistics to see where and what is happening. It's the perfect tool for artists of every genre to professionally release music and make an excellent profit.