Vinyl manufacturing

Together with our partner handle with care, we now offer high-quality vinyl manufacturing.


Basic configuration:

Order: 300 pieces, 12″ vinyl, black labels, 4-color cover


handle with care
About handle with care

The experienced team at handle with care know what customers and passengers want, and what’s important. Passengers themselves don’t need to have any detailed knowledge. handle with care take on the time-consuming work, and ensure that sounds and data are quickly and smoothly transferred to vinyl. Our partner cares about quality and speed, and completes every job professionally and to the full satisfaction of our passengers, guaranteed.


handle with care know all about pressing vinyl records. They individually and competently assist their customers, personally help with the selection process, and offer a wide range of special product highlights. When it comes to pressing vinyl, recordJet passengers can make a unique product by choosing between different colors, shapes and even aromas.


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