Stream your music with TIDAL

Music streaming service TIDAL made headlines in 2015 when the service was bought by Jay Z. TIDAL was founded and created by the Norwegian/Swedish company Aspiro. In 2016, Jay Z’s company Project Panther Ltd closed, but TIDAL still exists and offers some special features as a streaming service.

TIDAL Vertrieb - eigene Musik bei TIDAL streamen | recordJet
TIDAL service

TIDAL offers listeners two formats in which they can enjoy music:
TIDAL Premium offers music in the usual high quality for a lower price.
TIDAL HiFi offers FLAC-based playback in a lossless quality for an extra charge, making it the choice for true sound enthusiasts.
You can watch music videos on TIDAL as well as listening to music. A few well-known artists currently (or temporarily) have their new releases exclusively available on TIDAL.

How much does TIDAL pay?

Streaming services typically range between 0.1 and 1 cent per play. The amount depends on the store’s advertising revenues, price model, channel used, country, number of premium customers etc., and therefore varies monthly.
Important: Contrary to some rumors, musicians also get paid for plays in the ad-supported freemium model. We’ve gone into more detail about streaming income here.

TIDAL Vertrieb - eigene Musik auf TIDAL streamen | recordJet
TIDAL countries

TIDAL is currently available in the following countries:
TIDAL Andorra
TIDAL Argentina
TIDAL Australia
TIDAL Austria
TIDAL Belgium
TIDAL Brasil
TIDAL Canada
TIDAL Colombia
TIDAL Cyprus
TIDAL Czech Republic
TIDAL Denmark
TIDAL Dominican Republic
TIDAL Estonia
TIDAL Finland
TIDAL France
TIDAL Germany
TIDAL Greece
TIDAL Hong Kong
TIDAL Hungary
TIDAL Ireland
TIDAL Israel
TIDAL Iceland
TIDAL Jamaica
TIDAL Liechtenstein
TIDAL Latvia
TIDAL Lithuania
TIDAL Luxemburg
TIDAL Malaysia
TIDAL Mexico
TIDAL Monaco
TIDAL Netherlands
TIDAL New Zealand
TIDAL Norway
TIDAL Poland
TIDAL Portugal
TIDAL Puerto Rico
TIDAL Romania
TIDAL Singapur
TIDAL Slovakia
TIDAL Slovenia
TIDAL Thailand
TIDAL South Africa
TIDAL Sweden
TIDAL Switzerland
TIDAL Turkey