Stream your music with Spotify

Spotify is the world’s largest and most popular streaming service. Spotify listeners can choose between a premium service (price varies by country) and an ad-supported freemium service.
Spotify can be used on smartphones, computers, tablets, in the car, on PlayStation®, TV, Android Wear or in the Spotify Web Player.

Spotify Vertrieb - eigene Musik zu Spotify bringen | recordJet
Spotify Vertrieb - deine Musik auf Spotify streamen | recordJet
How much does Spotify pay?

Streaming services typically range between 0.1 and 1 cent per play. The amount depends on the store’s advertising revenues, price model, channel used, country, number of premium customers etc., and therefore varies monthly.
Important: Contrary to some rumors, musicians also get paid for plays in the ad-supported freemium model. We’ve gone into more detail about streaming income here.

Spotify tips

Musicians can get a lot out of using Spotify, as long as they know how. We’ve put together the most important tips for your Spotify experience.
– Create a verified account
– Upload an artist picture
– Create, brand and maintain playlists
In this detailed blog post, we explain how to do above steps and make the most of Spotify.

Spotify countries

Spotify is currently available in the following countries:
Spotify Andorra
Spotify Argentina
Spotify Australia
Spotify Belgium
Spotify Bolivia
Spotify Brasil
Spotify Bulgaria
Spotify Chile
Spotify Costa Rica
Spotify Denmark
Spotify Germany
Spotify Dominican Republic
Spotify Ecuador
Spotify El Salvador
Spotify Estonia
Spotify Finland
Spotify France
Spotify Greece
Spotify Guatemala
Spotify Honduras
Spotify Hong Kong
Spotify Indonesia
Spotify Ireland
Spotify Iceland
Spotify Italy
Spotify Canada
Spotify Colombia
Spotify Latvia
Spotify Liechtenstein
Spotify Lithuania
Spotify Luxemburg
Spotify Malaysia
Spotify Malta
Spotify Mexico
Spotify Monaco
Spotify New Zealand
Spotify Nicaragua
Spotify Netherlands
Spotify Norway
Spotify Austria
Spotify Panama
Spotify Paraguay
Spotify Peru
Spotify Philippines
Spotify Poland
Spotify Portugal
Spotify Sweden
Spotify Switzerland
Spotify Singapore
Spotify Slovakia
Spotify Spain
Spotify Taiwan
Spotify Czech Republic
Spotify Turkey
Spotify UK
Spotify Hungary
Spotify Uruguay
Spotify USA
Spotify Cyprus