Promotion for hip hop, rap and pop artists

MACHEETE offers Promotion for artists within the genres hip hop, rap and pop.


Our services include:

–       Image consulting and artist/band management
–       Comprehensive support for current releases
–       Writing and distributing press releases
–       Submitting videos to TV, online and in-store stations
–       Radio promotion (public, private and online stations)
–       Organizing media partnerships and competitions
–       Coordinating interviews, photo ops and press conferences
–       Creating all the necessary press material (product info, biography, press kit, etc.)
–       Designing, implementing and maintaining artist websites
–       Managing social media such as Facebook fan pages, Twitter and YouTube accounts


We also offer each of our customers a free press page in our media center. Media professionals can use this page to gain an initial overview.


Note: Promotion service providers may refuse your request if you don’t suit their portfolio. You will get a refund if this is the case.

About Macheete

MACHEETE is a Berlin-based office for communication and dialog, and has been active in the field of music promotion and public relations for many years. Even in the age of digital natives, we still believe in the power of creative press releases and physical samples. But not in the same old-fashioned way as ten years ago, because times have changed, and so have music listeners. Our motto is: Meaningfully combine classic press work with online PR. We deal with every artist on an individual basis, giving them a personalized press package tailored to suit – because no two releases are the same.


Through our many years of experience in music promotion, we have gained qualitative contacts in radio, TV, print and online media. We know the email addresses of editors and journalists, and their faces too, because personal connections are essential in this business.


Young, Creative, MACHEETE!