Physical distribution

With this service you can distribute your physical CDs to the stores.


Important info for physical distribution:

A deciding factor for the placement of your physical releases in each country is how well-known you are and the number of activities you have there (e.g. promo, performances, etc.). Once you have made your booking, please send an email describing your respective activities in detail to give distribution an idea. In any case, your release will be available to order from all important stores (e.g. Media Markt) even if it is not available on-site. All stores use your popularity and activities (and other criteria) to decide for themselves how many CDs they want from you. Soulfood Music Distribution has no influence on this. It is not possible to decide for yourself how many CDs should be available in in which branch of which chain.




About Soulfood

Success in the music industry requires expertise, consistency and, not least, flexibility, as this sector has gone through a number of extreme and rapid changes during the past ten years.


Founded in 2002, Soulfood Music has developed to become one of Germany’s three largest independent distributors during the most difficult years the industry has experienced so far. With more than 100 labels under on its books and a genre-transcending roster which includes a wide range of musical directions – from metal/rock through pop, urban, re-issue and jazz to world music – Soulfood Music has become a major network in the German music landscape.


Soulfood Music provides a global distribution network and, alongside classical distribution deals, it offers individually tailored models, keeping abreast of the times and supplying an answer to the changing and increasingly formidable demands of today’s music industry.


Soulfood Facts:

– is one of Germany’s top 3 independent distribution companies
– has over 100 labels on its roster and proven chart experience
– distributes all genres from metal, rock, pop, urban, reissue to jazz and world
– distributes directly in Germany & Austria
– can offer pan-European distribution (incl. Russia and Eastern Europe) via a network of trusted distribution partners
– can offer world-wide distribution through an extended network of distribution partners
– is Germany’s biggest distributor with an international set-up
– has a long-term agreement with Sony DADC, who perform all warehousing, invoicing, money-collecting and credit control services.
– is 100% privately owned


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