Looking for a new music distributor? Come and stay.

Are you going your separate ways? Now you can finally find the right one!
Is your old music distributor disappointing and not quite what you expected? Are things no longer how they used to be? Have you been rejected, given your marching orders or had the conditions of your relationship completely thrown off a cliff? Sometimes you just need someone new. Someone reliable. Someone who loves you. Someone who offers the best conditions, looks good and will always stand by you – at least, as long as that’s what you want.
We present: recordJet, your new music distributor. We have everything you need, but the best thing is that we’ll also give you a 50% discount coupon!* Valid for all new releases until November 30, 2016 when using the code HELLORECORDJET, no matter which deal you choose.
recordJet Discount Code
Do you want security, and to not always have to change your distributor?
Whether it’s Tunecore, Zimbalam, Audiomagnet… there are numerous examples of music distributors that have closed down in recent years, been bought, or had to change completely because of the influence of investors. This has often been at the expense of musicians.
recordJet is, was, and will always be independent. We’ve been growing healthily, organically, without investors, and completely under our own steam since 2008, and we will continue that way. We’ve always consciously chosen this path because we place great emphasis on staying free and independent. recordJet is run by the owners and will always stay that way. Many of the recordJet crew have been with us since the very beginning, and have long been friends with the captain. Our friendship and shared passion for independence have allowed us to develop continuously and stably, grow at a steady pace and always do our own thing. This stability guarantees our passengers that they can rely on us, and that we won’t leave them out in the cold. By the way, this fact has already spread through the music industry, and greats such as Culcha Candela, Milky Chance, Spongebozz, Kytes and many others already depend on the flight skills of our crew.
Annual fees? A one-time fee? We have the right package for everyone.
recordJet Deal Packages
With recordJet, you pay just a one-time fee for the Business Class Basic deal, and you’ll always receive 90% of your income from sales.
Alternatively, you can choose the Business Class Premium deal and receive 100% of your income for an annual fee. But you don’t have to, because we’ve deliberately decided to offer several sales models so that we can meet the different needs of musicians.
Perhaps our exclusive First Class is the right thing for you? That’s where hand-picked artists such as Culcha Candela, Milky Chance, Spongebozz, the Kytes and many more hang out. Our support team would be happy to advise you on how to apply for First Class.
Do you want the switch to be as simple as possible? Import your data directly from iTunes
Our special tool makes switching to recordJet a breeze. Log in to recordJet and open the iTunes importer. Search iTunes for the release you want and then click “Import”. The release information (basic info, track list, artist details, cover preview, etc.) is automatically transferred from iTunes. This means you no longer have to enter all the info manually, leaving you more time for the essentials. Just add any missing information for the release, and then upload the songs and the cover image in high resolution. Done.
recordJet iTunes Importer
Do you want full flexibility?
At recordJet, there are no artificial termination periods. You can initiate a free takedown at any time and remove your music from individual stores or all stores. So it’s no problem if, for example, you switch to a label. You can also switch from one fee structure to another, add new stores and services or make changes to your release. Furthermore, we’re a non-exclusive distributor, which means you can sell your music elsewhere, such as at concerts, on your website or through other distributors, as long as double delivery is excluded.
Do you want trilingual support via email, chat and phone?
Our crew is in Berlin ready to answer your questions on every channel, in English, Spanish and German.
Do you want a discount code so you can get started right away?
Sign up to recordJet now and use the discount code HELLORECORDJET to get 50% off all new releases until the end of November* (only when the code is used, valid until November 30, 2016).
Do you still have questions?
Simply write to our support crew. We look forward to hearing from you!


* For releases in the Business Class Premium deal, which has an annual fee, the discount applies to the first year only. The regular fees will be charged from the second year onwards.