1. Recording and production: You spend time in the studio to record your album, and you tweak it until you feel it is perfect.

2. You develop and design the artwork and maybe also a digital booklet for your album – or have a pro do it. If you really want to impress your fans, we offer the perfect services for this. Please keep in mind that – for physical distribution – the back cover of your album needs to contain a GTIN barcode. Please see Step 5 for further instruction.

iTunes | recordJet

3. If you are not already a passenger on recordJet we suggest you register (for free!) as soon as you have finished mastering your album.

4. Three months before the scheduled release date, you can upload your release for pre-order on recordJet. On iTunes, releases will generally be available 48 hours after uploading. Most other stores need more time. Make sure to allow enough time for your album to be available in all stores before the scheduled release date.

48hrs tech and online support | recordJet

5. Upon uploading your music on recordJet, you will receive a GTIN code (formerly known as EAN or UPC) for free, if you don#t have one yet. You can use this code to generate the barcode, which needs to be printed on your physical CDs. Then you can arrange for the pressing of your physical CDs.

GTIN and ISRC | recordJet

6. Now it is time to start planning the promo activities for your album. In our services section, you can find pros who will help you make the most of it. If for financial or other reasons you want to do DIY-promotion, make sure you check out our blog for many helpful articles.
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7. Now you can also register your releases for the US, Canadian, UK and Irish charts. Please check out our services section for further information. Registration for the German, Swiss and Austrian charts is free and will be done automatically.

8. Your physical CDs have arrived. Now it is time to arrange for physical distribution. Your promotion plan should now be finished so you have enough time to spread the word about your release.
Physical Distribution | recordJet

9. In a best case scenario, your release will start off with a video for the best track of your album. Two months should be enough for shooting, cutting and post-production. Another thing to remember is: Promote, promote, promote!
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10. RELEASE DATE! Finally! Today your release will be presented to the fans and public. This day should ideally be a Friday if you plan on entering the German charts – and of course if you want to party hard to celebrate your release. During the past weeks you have arranged for all the crucial details: Your Facebook page has been updated, editorial offices of music magazines have been supplied with samples, your music is online in the stores and can now be bought. Now is also the time to inform your fans with a special newsletter and celebrate this great day with a record release party.

11. 24 hours after the sales have started, you can check the trends section for the performance of your release on iTunes. Trends for all the other stores usually take longer to be available. Generally they come together with the invoice.
Interactive Trends | recordJet

12. If today is your lucky day, your release might enter the charts. This could happen and you should celebrate it.

13. Yay, today is pay day! The royalties from your sales will be paid out to you. The invoices will usually be made available approximately 45 days after the end of the respective accounting month or quarter and will be credited to yourrecordJet account immediately.
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14. You can request a pay-out anytime you wish or invest your royalties in further services (like a tour van or shirts for your tour).