» On which day should I publish my release?

In general it’s entirely up to you which release date you choose. However, we strongly recommend picking a Friday for the release of your new music, for a very specific reason: The charts week is always counted from Friday through Thursday. This means: Each Friday all sales are counted that have happened throughout the week from the previous Friday until Thursday. In case your sales come close to charts-relevant figures, you would waste sales by NOT putting your release date on a Friday. For example: If your release date is on a Wednesday, on the following Friday only the sales from Wednesday and Thursday will be counted for the charts. If you had set your release date on the previous Friday, all sales from Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday would accumulate and be counted for the charts. More sales will always positively influence your ranking.

» What does recordJet offer me?

recordJet is a service provider for artists and labels. recordJet has the perfect deal for you to sell your music in the best online stores worldwide. Of course you will keep all of your rights and get up to 100 % of the royalties. You can withdraw your money at any time or use it for tailor-made services, promotions and exclusive deals.

» Where is the rub?

Well – there is none. Frankly, this is easier said than done, but we are always aiming for a win-win situation, which of course is only possible if there is no rub for anyone.

We offer you two price models: Business Class Basic and Business Class Premium.

Basic is a one-time setup fee model and Premium a reduced annual fee model. The advantage of choosing our annual feel model is that you will receive 100 % or earnings from sales.

You can cancel our services up to 4 weeks before expiration of the contract. You can do this simply by clicking the “Delete” button in “My Music” (hover over the cover of the release you want to delete). You can also perform a takedown during the contract period without additional costs.

Depending on which price model you pick, we will pay out 100 % (Premium Business Class) or 90 % (Basic Business Class) of royalties to you. You also have the opportunity to use your earnings to pay for services, promotions or further releases.

You will keep all the rights and only grant us the non-exclusive right to place your music in the stores you pick. We will never do anything you did not ask us to do.

If you have further questions please contact our support team.

» New stores and services

We know that it is important for you to make your music available worldwide. recordJet is continuously working on extending cooperations with stores. For more information on this, please check out our blog or newsletter. If you can’t find certain stores, just send an email to our support team and we will try to make them available for you.

If there are new stores available, you can include them for existing releases: Send an email to [email protected] and include the GTIN of your release as well as all the stores you want to add. After the function has been activated, find your release in “My music”, go to “…” > “Edit” > “Stores and Countries” and check all the stores you want to publish your release in. Finally, click “Done” to save your changes.

» Stores, store packages and store share

Store Packages refer to all the stores that can receive delivery at once with one single delivery. The iTunes store package contains more than 50 stores; the 24-7 store package contains Media Markt, Saturn, Weltbild and many more.

Every passenger can pick out which stores will sell the music.

Store share: Each store keeps a certain part of the gross earnings from music sales to cover their costs, pay a share to collecting societies, pay their employees, etc. After this has happened, recordJet receives the net earnings of which we pay 100% (Business Class Premium) or 90% (Business Class Basic).

» Minimum age for registration on recordJet

You need to be at least 18 years old to register for an account on recordJet.

» Further questions?

On recordJet we are continuously working hard on improving our services for you. If anything remains unclear to you after you have read our FAQs, please do not hesitate to email our support team and we will try to help you as best as we can.

» How much of my earnings will recordJet keep?

In case of the Premium Business Class-Model recordJet will not keep a single cent of the net income you earned by selling your music. 100 % of your earning will be payed out to you. By choosing the Basic Premium Class-Model 90 % of your earnings will be payed out to you.


Example for the Premium Business Class-Model:

Retail price on iTunes: 0.99 €

What iTunes keeps: 0.28 € (tax, collecting society, fees, etc.)

What recordJet keeps: 0.00 €

Your earnings: 0.71 € (100% of royalties from sales)


Example for the Basic Business Class-Modell:

Retail price on iTunes: 0,99 €

What iTunes keeps: 0.28 € (tax, collecting society, fees, etc.)

What recordJet keeps: 0,071 € (10 % of royalties from sales)

Your earnings: 0,64 € (90 % of royalties from sales)

» How do sales and payments work?

In the “Sales reports” section you can see how much your music earned you, how many songs have been sold and in which stores. In “My account” you can initiate the pay-out of your money. To do this, simply click on “Withdraw money” and enter the required data. You can always decide for yourself if a certain amount should remain in your recordJet account or if you want to withdraw everything.

Your money will be transfered to you via PayPal. All you need is a PayPal account. In order to guarantee a smooth transfer, it is important that you enter any required information correctly, especially the email address connected to your PayPal account. Otherwise we cannot initiate the payment process. Possible fees charged by PayPal will automatically be deducted from the amount you requested for withdrawal.

Income from sales can only be paid out to one person at once. If you want to split your earnings (e.g. with other band members, rights owners, friends, etc.), it is your responsibility to do this after withdrawing the money from recordJet.

If the money you requested for withdrawal does not reach your bank account as it should, please contact our support team. Your money is yours and will not get lost!

» What can I do with my earnings?

The earnings in your account are completely safe from access by third parties. Your data can only be accessed with your email address and password. You can initiate a money transfer any time at your own discretion. But there is much more you can do with your earnings:

– You can use it to produce physical recordings (CDs or DVDs)
– You can use it to pay for the release of further songs
– You can use it to pay for the annual fees

For further questions, please contact our support team.

» Trends and sales reports

Both the trends (menu: “Trends”, and “My Music” > Release > “Trends”) and the accounting area (menu: “Sales reports”) show your sales and streams. The difference between both is:

The sales reports show your actual earnings. Trend reports just suggest tendencies. Between trends and sales reports, several things can happen, such as cancelations or changes of exchange rates.

» Soulfood (physical distribution) charges fees such as a Picking & Return/Refund Fee, or reserves funds for returns & GEMA/ collecting societies (this is then calculated and refunded after a few months). These charges can be listed by type under revenue share.

» The earnings displayed in the trend reports will be converted into your currency with the current exchange rate. For the sales reports, we use the exchange rate at the moment of pay-out.

» Earnings are usually sent to recordJet within 45 days after the end of the respective sales month or the respective quarter. Trend reports are generally available 1 day to 1 week after each sale, but are not provided by all stores.

» IMPORTANT: “Sales month” does not refer to the moment the sale actually occurred, but to the moment of accounting. Trend reports always correspond with the moment of sale. The date of sales reports is always the end of a sales month.

» On the 1st business day of each month you can view the new sales reports in the “Sales reports” section. From this moment on, you can withdraw your available earnings from your account.

» The information presented in the “Trends” section is much more detailed than in your sales report. It offers various interactive diagrams displaying your sales trends.

» Trends for sales on iTunes and Amazon are generally available 24 hrs after the sale. For most of the other stores trend reports are generally available much later (often along with the sales report).

» In the menu under Sales reports you can view all revenue for an account’s releases by month.

» There is money missing in my recordJet account

If there is very little or no money at all in your recordJet sales account, this probably has a reason. These are the most common:

– None of your tracks have been sold.
– Sales reports of the stores are not available yet.
– You are logged in to the wrong account (if you have several).

» Money has not been transferred to my bank account

If you have iniciated the transfer of your earnings to your bank account but the money did not get there, there is probably a reason for it. These are the most common:

– You have not initiated the withdrawal yet. Your earnings will remain in your recordJet account until you request a withdrawal in “My Account.”

– There is an error in your transfer information. Please make sure that you indicated all necessary information correctly (e.g. email address, bank account number, bank identification number, etc.).

– You have requested a larger amount for withdrawal than available in your recordJet account. As a rule, the amount requestable for withdrawal cannot exceed the current balance of your earnings in your recordJet account. Please make sure you consider possible fees (e.g. transaction fees depending of the type of transaction) as you request a withdrawal of your earnings.

– You have requested money transfer to a country which does not have PayPal service. PayPal will only perform transfers to specific countries. Please check this list to find out if your country has PayPal service.

– All data is correct but it still does not work? Sometimes emails get lost, sometimes there are errors on PayPal, sometimes data transmissions do not work. If you think something has not worked out correctly, please contact our support team and we will help you as best as we can.

– You did not confirm your email address. If this is the case, we cannot perform money transfers.

– You have had open charges on recordJet. On recordJet there are not many fees, but still there are some. If there are fees due to be paid, you will see an alert on your “My Account” page. If this is the case, recordJet will deduct these fees from your earnings. If your earnings are very low, there might be nothing left after deducting the respective fees. Please make sure you pay any due fees as soon as possible in order to avoid this from happening.

– We could not reach you. If we could not establish any contact with you (not even via a confirmed email address) and you did not specify any other means of contact, we will not be able to transfer your earnings or communicate with you. If this is the case, please contact our support team.

» Can I give away my songs for free?

As of right now it is not possible to give away music for free in our partner stores.

» Invoices

On the first day of each month you will automatically receive an invoice containing all the line items for the previous month. The monthly invoice can be downloaded at “My Account.”

» Taxes

Every German musician/every German label who reports sales tax should enter their VAT ID in the “My Account” > “Profile details” section. After entering a valid VAT ID, all earnings will be paid out with sales tax included. The status of our validity check can be seen in your profile.

On the first day of each month you will be able to download sales reports for the previous month, which you can use for your tax return. Downloadable PDFs can be found in the “My account” section by clicking the tab “My account”.

» Refunds / Returns

Refunds can appear in your trends and sales reports, if:

– A customer returns an album or cancels a sale. This can occur with both physical and digital releases

– The payment bounced (because the customer’s bank account did not contain sufficient funds or the card was blocked)

– The purchase was a CMA purchase (“Complete My Album”). This means that the customer has already bought one or more tracks off the album and can complete the album for the sales price of the album minus the price of the individual purchases. In this case, you are credited the earnings for the complete album, while at the same time the earnings for the previously-purchased individual tracks are deducted.

» What is a title version?

A title version is entered in the second step while editing each track, and can only be entered if the respective track is a version which differs from the original.
The title version, Radio Edit” can only exist if there is also an original version which is NOT a radio edit. If there is no original version, the radio edit becomes the original version and won’t be marked as such.
The title version, “Piano Version” can only exist if there is also a non-piano version on the release. The non-piano version is the original version and will not be marked as such in the „title version“ field.
The same rule applies for the title version of the album. “Deluxe Version” can only exist if there is an original version. “Studio Version” is also an original version because almost all songs are recorded first in the studio.
IMPORTANT: Standard or original versions are NEVER marked as such in the title version field.

» Upload and publication

As a registered passenger of recordJet, you can use the upload tool on our website. Therefore you need to create a free account first. After checking in, click on “+ Create Release”. Upload speed depends on your internet connection.

In the “Basic Information” section  you are asked to enter all the required information and pick your preferred price structure.

In the “Tracklist” section you can upload your music and enter the track data. By clicking the button “Add Song” you can select WAV files from your hard drive for upload. By clicking the button “Edit” on the left you can enter track data like title, artist, ISRC, etc. In order to change the order of your tracks please use the arrow-cross on the left to rearrange them as you wish.

Your uploads and all the data you entered will be saved, so you can interrupt and continue the upload and editing process any time.

You will be able to pick the stores you want your music to be sold in in the “Stores & Countries” section. For detailed descriptions, please click on the logo of each store.

In the “Additional services” section you can book many more services on top for your release (e.g. iTunes Instant Gratification).

The “Invoice” section shows all the fees that are due for the release.

In order to complete the publication process you need to click the button “Publish now” in the “Publish” section. In this section you can also see a summary of your release.

» Number of tracks on single / EP / album

What kind of release is yours?

A single has 1-2 tracks.
An EP has 3-7 tracks.
An album has 8 or more tracks.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This information is for your records, so you can easily identify your release with its corresponding pricing category. Individual stores may classify your release as a single, EP, or album differently.

» Duration from upload till sale

As soon as you have submitted all required data, music files and art and have covered all fees, recordJet will usually submit your music to the stores within 48 hours on weekdays. After the stores have received your music, we have no influence at all as to how fast they process your music. As a rule, it takes about 4-6 weeks from the moment of our delivery to the stores until the moment your music can be purchased there. Please take this into account as you upload your music.

On iTunes and AmazonMP3 your music can in some cases be online within 48 hrs. Other stores usually take somewhat longer. You can check if your release has been deliveredy by going to “My Music” -> Release “Stores”.

IMPORTANT: After we have delivered your music to the stores, it is no longer in our control as to how quickly your music will be available in the stores. Some of them work faster, some slower. Apart from this, all stores reserve the right to decide whether or not they will accept or reject a release without stating reasons for their decisions. recordJet has no say in this matter. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

The following reasons might apply for a delay:
– The most common reason is missing data. Before we can deliver your music to the stores, we need all required information, like names of the songs, titles, etc. If parts of the required information are missing, we need to pause the delivery process until we have all the information needed.
– Music and / or cover art that does not comply with the requirements will be rejected by recordJet. Blurry or pixelated cover art might be rejected by the stores even after having been accepted by recordJet

» Pre-order

If you upload your release before the indicated release date it will be available as pre-order on AmazoniTunes, Google Play and Juno.

This means: Your release can be pre-ordered, but will not be available until the release date you indicated during the upload.

During the pre-order period, the album can only be pre-ordered completely. Individual tracks can be acquired after the official release. Audio snippets are not available during the pre-order period.

As of right now, the pre-order period cannot be documented in the trends due to technical circumstances. The sales which occured in the pre-order period will be listed after the official release.

» Persons involved (e.g. composer)

This information is needed for collecting societies like GEMA. You can enter them in the “tracklist” section by clicking the “Enter Data” button.

Please make sure you enter only one name in each field for each person involved (bottom of the window). For each new name you need to create a new row by clicking the +- button. Please make sure you write all names correctly.

Artist: At least one for each track! If there are more than three different artists on track level, the album artist must be indicated as “Various Artists” (“Basic Information”).

Songwriter: The creator of the original lyrics for a song. Please enter the name as “First Name Last Name”, or as registered with your collecting society.

Composer: The creator of the original music of a song. Please enter the name as “First Name Last Name”, or as registered with your collecting society.

“Featuring” and “with”: Additional artists supporting the main artist in a track.

Correct title formatting will be generated automatically according to the information given and doesn’t have to be indicated. Please remember: Only one name in each row.

The Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (German Federal Agency for Civic Education) has published a very informative book about German copyright law. You can get it here (German).


An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) serves to identify each individual title. A GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is a group of numbers connected exclusively to your album, EP or single. These numbers allow for worldwide unique identification of your product. A barcode makes them machine-readable.

Each album, EP or single needs to have these individual numbers. There are two ways of getting them:
– You already have the respective numbers and want to use them. Simply enter them during the upload process of your music and you are done.
– You do not possess these numbers yet – no problem! If you do not enter any of them during the upload process of your music, they will be generated automatically – for free, of course!

EAN is the predecessor of the GTIN. UPC is the respective equivalent from USA. You can create free barcodes on the internet here (just copy your GTIN from the “My Music” section and paste it into the “Data” field). If anything remains unclear, just contact our support team.

» Spelling of Title / Artist / Featuring

IMPORTANT: Please always use the correct spelling because otherwise your music might not be found in the stores. Please avoid SMALL CAPITALS and the constant use of lower-case letters (e.g. at the beginning of a phrase or with names). If a track or album has an English title, the first letter of each word has to be capitalized.

In “Basic Information”, you need to indicate the name of the main artist and title of the album. If you want to submit a compilation or album of four or more main artists, please choose “Various Artists“.

In “Tracklist” you can indicate the artist, composer, etc. for each track. To do so, please click „Edit“ after uploading a WAV file.  Each artist, composer, etc. needs to be indicated in a separate field and must not appear in the track title. Click the +-symbol to add more fields. Please make sure that you only indicate one name per field. Correct title formatting will be generated automatically according to the information given and doesn’t have to be indicated.

Mixes and versions have to be indicated in the same form as featurings. Please use the “Title Version” field. Correct title formatting will be generated automatically according to the information given and doesn’t have to be indicated.

In “Tracklist” you also have to indicate the artist of each individual track, even though you have already defined an artist for the entire release in “Basic Information”. This has to do with the publication of compilations, which usually contain tracks of many different artists.

The fields indicating songwriter, composer and any other involved persons must only contain one name each. A new field can be generated by clicking the +-symbol. Please indicate names as “First Name Last Name”, e.g. “John Doe”, or as registered with your collecting society.

» Compression

The music you upload on recordJet needs to be ripped in .wav with a bitrate of 1411 kbit/s, a sample size of 16 bit and a sample rate of 44.100 kHz. The file should be in stereo. Please make sure you don’t include any meta data or tags in the .wav file.

Soundfiles can come either compressed or uncompressed. Uncompressed files maintain all of the digital file information which means that the music, when played back, sounds almost as good and natural as the original recording. The problem is: These files are usually very large. Uncompressed files end in .wav or .aiff

Compression helps to downsize the files. This may reduce the sound quality somewhat, but the difference is hard to perceive even for pros. Compressed files end in .mp3, .m4a (AAC) and .flac. Compressing removes “insignificant” data information and thus makes the file smaller in size. This way compression can reduce the file size from 35-60MB to 3-7MB. The more often a sound-file gets compressed, the worse the sound quality becomes because every compression removes data information. The bitrate indicates how much of the original data information is still available: A song with 320 kbit/s (=kilobit per second) is less compressed and has a better sound quality than a song with 192 kbit/s.

Here is an overview of data formats:
-WAV and AIFF indicate an uncompressed file. In order to upload your music on recordJet, your tracks need to be in .wav format so we can deliver the highest possible sound quality to the stores.

– MP3 indicates a compressed file. The songs can be compressed with different bitrates. IMPORTANT: If you want to deliver your music to recordJet as .mp3 files, the files need to be available in .wav format.

– AAC is also a format indicating compression. AAC-files usually end in .m4a or .m4p. AAC files can be compressed with different bitrates but they have one advantage over .mp3-files: The same bitrate usually has a better sound quality. A song compressed in AAC and 128kbit/s has a better sound quality than a song compressed in .mp3 and 128 kbit/s. Do not be fooled by the smaller number.

– FLAC indicates lossless compression. These files are very large but are compressed without loss of sound quality.

» Ripping Music

Music is usually stored on data processing media (CDs, tapes, disk records etc.). In order to transfer music stored on any data-processing medium to a computer, it needs to be “ripped” or “imported”. To do so, an audio CD is usually inserted into the CD-ROM drive and the songs are ripped with software like iTunes, etc.

If your music is not yet on your computer but still on a CD, you need to rip it in order to transfer it to your computer. There are many programs available which allow you to choose how you want to rip your music. The bitrate should be 1411 kbit/s and encoded in PCM, the sample size should be 16 bit, and the sample rate should be 44.100 kHz. Furthermore the files should be in stereo quality.

» Creating and uploading cover art

Upon uploading your release on recordJet, you need to upload your own cover art for each album. This can be done by clicking into the empty cover art placeholder in the “Basic Information” section.

IMPORTANT: The cover picture needs to be an exact square with a minimum resolution of 1500 x 1500 px in RGB and in .jpg format. Cover art will be displayed only as a small thumbnail picture containing text (e.g. the name of the band and the name of the album). The cover text must be readable in small formats and must not be pixelated. The stores are free to reject covert art at any time or ask for different versions.

The following rules apply for any cover designs:

» Deliver the album’s original cover art whenever possible, and don’t use generic art templates. Don’t use art that doesn’t match the album you’re delivering.

» You possess all the rights to the picture.

» You have permission to display the faces of all the people on the cover, especially if it is a photo.

» If you obtained the picture by someone you need to have permission to use it.

» The cover must not show any logos, brands, texts or pictures protected by copyright, unless the owner gave you explicit permission. Example: The background of your cover must not contain the logo of a soft drink brand, a designer, etc. If this is the case, recordJet will ask you to prove that you are the owner of this brand or that you possess the explicit permission of the brand.

» The cover design must not contain any illegal, obscene or pornographic contents.

» Words and text on the cover design must not contain errors and must be easily legible.

» The cover design must not be blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, rotated, incorrect, or have other quality issues.

» The picture needs to be an exact square with a minimum resolution of 1500 x 1500 px in RGB and in .jpg format.

» The picture must not contain URLs, logos or any other references to music stores of any kind.

» Art must not contain store logos or the term “Exclusive”.

» Art must not include references to the physical packaging (for example, CD or cassette) or any other retailers.

» Art must not include references to it being a digital product.

» The art must not include references to pricing, including “Reduced Price,” “Low Price,” “Available for $9.99,” or “For Promo Use“.

» The art must not up-sell to another product.

» The art must not be misleading (for example, prominently depicting or referencing an artist even though the artist does not perform on the album).

» Art must not contain references to content that the album doesn’t contain, such as “included DVD” or “includes lyrics.”

recordJet and partners reserve the right to reject cover art at any time for any reason.

» Cancellation and renewal

Your music and your videos will remain in the stores for as long as you want. You can also have your release taken down from specific or all stores any time. If you wish to do this, go to “My Music”, hover the mouse over the release you want to delete and click “delete”.

We will try to handle each take-down request within 7 days. The respective stores usually need up to 2 weeks for take-down – in individual cases this might take longer. Take-down from the stores is free of charge – there are no take-down fees.

IMPORTANT: We can take down entire albums/singles from the stores, but we cannot delete individual songs from an album. If you want individual songs to be available in certain stores but not in others, please split them up into separate albums/singles and upload them into the stores again. Please consider that the regular fees will be due for this procedure.

» How to delete your music

You can request a take-down of your music at any time from all the stores you wish. Please go to the “My Music” section, hover the mouse over the release you wish to delete and and click “Delete”.

We will try to handle each take-down request within 7 days. The respective stores usually need up to 2 weeks for take-down – in individual cases this might take longer. Take-down from the stores is free of charge – there are no take-down fees.

IMPORTANT: We can take down entire albums/singles from the stores, but we cannot delete individual songs from an album. If you want individual songs to be available in certain stores but not in others, please split them up into separate albums/singles and upload them into the stores again. Please consider that the regular fees will be due for this procedure.

» Delivery status

In “My Music” and in the “Stores” section of each individual release you can see when your music was sent to the stores.

In case your music has not been sent yet, the following status will appear: This release has not yet been sent to our partner stores. As soon as delivery has commenced, you will receive a confirmation email.

» Genre and Style of Music

It does not matter which kind of music you are making. On recordJet you can publish music from any genre. The most important thing is quality. Some stores will only accept music from one specific genre, e.g. techno music, but this is rather an exception. Most stores sell music of any kind.

» Length of the album

For digital publications the length of an album is usually irrelevant. AmazonCD is the only store with an exception: An album on Amazon cannot not be longer than 79 minutes. For albums longer than 79 minutes, publication on AmazonCD is not possible.

» Retail price

In “Basic Information” you can set the desired retail price for your release (i.e. the entire album) as well as the price per track.

IMPORTANT: The indicated prices are the retail price – this is not the same as your royalties.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the prices you indicate are a recommendation to the stores, and non-binding. The stores may override your set retail price if they see fit.

» Charts registration

German, Austrian and Swiss charts: Upon uploading your release on recordJet, your data will be automatically submitted to media control ® GfK This way, all data from digital releases (even if there is no physical counterpart) will be considered for the counting of the official German, Austrian and Swiss album and single charts – automatically and free of charge.

IMPORTANT: If you distribute your music both digitally and physically, media control ® GfK cannot automatically recognize that both versions of your release belong together, because the release information is being delivered to them by two different service providers (i.e. recordJet and Membran).

In order to inform media control ® GfK about the fact that the digital and physical version of your release belong together and should together be counted for the charts, please proceed as follows:

Before the release date you should send an email to [email protected] including title, artist, GTIN of the album and ISRCs of the track list. The email should also include the information that the digital and physical version of this release belong together. That’s all.


US, Canadian, UK and Irish charts: Upon request we will transmit your release data to Millward Brown, Chart-Track and Nielsen Soundscan to be counted for the official US, Canadian, UK and Irish Charts. You can book it in our services section.

» Label

If you have entered a label name in “Basic Information”, it will be sent to all the stores with your release, and displayed there. If you do not enter a label name, recordJet will be displayed as your label.

» Classical Music

For classical music the album and song titles should have the following format:

Album Title (Step 1): Composer: Title
L. Mozart: “Toy” Symphony in G Major
Brahms: String Sextets, Op. 18 & 36
Debussy & Ravel: String Quartets

If there are several composers and titles: Composer & Composer: Title – Composer & Composer: Title
Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 – Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21

Song Title (Step 3): Title of the entire release and key/tonality, catalog number: Numbering. Title – Title – Title
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio
Keyboard Concerto No. 5 in F Minor, BWV 1056: III. Presto
Three Lyric Pieces, Op. 47: No. 1, Summer Song
Die Winterreise, D. 911: No. 24, Der Leiermann
Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 36: I. Andante sostenuto – Moderato con anima – Moderato assai, quasi andante – Allegro vivo
Sonata in C Major for Flute and Continuo, BWV 1033: I. Andante – Presto

Additionally, all persons involved in the track have to be indicated in step 3, i.e. conductor, further composers, etc.

Please use this database to find the correct data for classical music: http://www.imslp.org/

» CD/Disc on Demand / physical distribution

With Disc on Demand, CDs of your digital releases will be burnt and shipped as soon as there is an order for this CD. This way the CDs won’t have to be pressed in advance. This service is offered in collaboration with Amazon.com (USA only), and can be picked like a regular store in Step 1 of the release process on recordJet. Your CD will be available on Amazon.com (USA only) and can be ordered there just like any other product. There will be a notification regarding the production method next to the product.

On AmazonCD the maximum album length of 79 minutes must not be exceeded. Longer albums cannot be sold at AmazonCD. We recommend selling Albums only on AmazonCD because the retail price for singles is usually very high. This service is most suitable for albums that you will not press CDs of, or in cases when the pressing would not be profitable (catalogue releases).


Comparing CD on Demand with physical distribution
CD on Demand is NOT the same as physical distribution. There are a few crucial differences between both:
With Amazon CD on Demand, Amazon will burn your release on a CD, print out the cover image and ship the product after it has been ordered by a customer on demand. This service can be booked as the „Amazon CD“ store package package.
Physical Distribution means that CDs which have been professionally pressed beforehand (including a booklet) will be distributed in stores like Media Markt and Saturn, but also Amazon in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Benelux. The pressing of the CDs has to be organized by you (for example by booking the pressing service our partner NewDEF is offering). A physical distributor can take care of the actual distribution. Physical distribution is an additional service which can be booked for an additional service fee.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you never pick Amazon CD on Demand if you also plan on distributing your release physically. It is very confusing for buyers if there are two versions of your release available on Amazon, one pressed version through physical distribution and one burnt version through AmazonCD.


» Band biographies in the stores

Some stores like iTunes, Spotify and Shazam (i.e. mostly English speaking/international platforms) receive content like artist biographies from allmusic.com. Allmusic.com is a catalogue of professionally written artist biographies, edited and maintained by Tivo. This way a continuously high level of the biographies can be guaranteed, as all writers are professionals.

In order to bring your biographies into the stores, this is how to proceed:

– Send your music to Tivo – either via email or as a physical CD. Tivo will also need your biographies (written in English) which they will use as a blueprint in order to have their professional writers create a new text from it. Please check the submissions page on allmusic.com for further information.

– After Tivo has received, scanned and integrated your data into their data bases, it may take several months until you will be listed on the allmusic.com website. From there, your contents will be submitted to the stores. Please check the submissions page on allmusic.com for further information.

Important: Please be aware that Tivo has to prioritize submissions due to high demand. They will at first take care of the most popular artists and of artists which play an important role historically or artistically. Therefore it might take a while until you or your band are listed, so please be patient.

Tivo’s service is for free.

Of the stores recordJet delivers to, as of right now only iTunes, Spotify and Shazam make us of the allmusic.com database.

Further information:

» Upload and publication

As a registered passenger of recordJet, you can use the upload tool on our website. Therefore you need to create a free account first. After checking in, click on “My Music” and then on the button “Publish a Single or Album”. Upload speed depends on your internet connection.

In the next window you are asked to enter all the required information.
You will also be able to pick the stores you want your music to be sold in. For detailed descriptions, please click on the logo of each store. In the next step, you can pick your preferred price structure and genres, if available, for the stores you chose.

After this you can upload your music and enter the track data in step 3. By clicking the button “Add Files” you can select .wav files from your hard drive for upload. The upload will be started by clicking the orange “Upload” button on the right. It is possible to upload several tracks at the same time. By clicking the grey button “Enter Data” on the left you can enter track data like title, artist, ISRC, etc. In order to change the order of your tracks please use the arrow-cross on the left to rearrange them as you wish.

Your uploads and all the data you entered will be saved, so you can interrupt and continue the upload and editing process any time. To replace a track even if it hasn’t been uploaded yet simply click the “Edit” button on the right to select a new track from your hard drive.

» How can I get in touch with you?

In order to make it easier for you to get in touch with us we are using a plugin that allows you to chat with our support crew. Just click the little speech bubble at the bottom-right of the screen on recordjet.com and type your message.

Our support crew is available Monday through Friday from 11am till 6pm CET (GMT +1).

In most cases, messages will be replied to on the same day. Messages from the weekend will be replied to on Monday, evening messages or messages on German public holidays will be taken care of the following business day. Our business hours are based on Central European Time (GMT +1).

In case you haven’t received a reply after 2-3 business days, we might not have received your message.  In such a rare case please get in touch again.

You can also use our contact form.

Since we are a very small team with big tasks we might not always be able to be close to the phone. Therefore we recommend you always get in touch via chat (bottom-right) or contact form.

» I cannot access my account

If you have trouble accessing your recordJet account, the following steps can help you:

I forgot my password:

Please go to this page and enter the email address you used to register on recordJet. We will send you a reset-link for your password.

I can’t request a new password because I don’t have access to my email account anymore:

At recordJet your music is safe: If you can’t access your recordJet account and do not have access to the corresponding email account, we must ask you to prove your identity so that we can make sure you are the legal owner of the account. This protects your music and your earnings from illegitimate access by a third party – in case anyone shows up and pretends to be you.

Please also make sure to update your email address on recordJet BEFORE deleting an old email account so our emails (for password recovery etc.) can reach you.

» Audio books / dramas & Audible

Of course you can distribute audio books and dramas via recordJet. Please note that there is a special rule on AmazonCD (not AmazonMp3): The maximum length must not exceed 79 minutes; otherwise the release will be split into two CDs.

For audiobooks to be sold on all stores except Audible and iTunes:
» Supplying audiobooks (main genre: audiobook) to all stores except iTunes works as usual by booking the relevant store packages.
» The following stores do not accept audio books: Shazam and Juno.

For audiobooks to be sold on Audible and iTunes:
Audible is the exclusive partner to iTunes in the audiobook sector. All audiobooks sold on iTunes must be supplied via Audible. It is not possible to bypass this step. For this you have to make a direct contract with Audible first. Contact our support crew for more information.

»  For audiobooks some additional information is required:

  • Original book copyright (please enter in step 1 in the respective field)
  • Audio book description (max. 2000 characters)
  • Author (please enter as lyricist after uploading the audio file and clicking “edit” in the “tracklist” area)
  • Vocals („tracklist“ > “edit” > “additional information” > “Further collaborators”)
  • Audiobook publisher (please enter as label)
  • RRP/target price (please enter as price in step 1)
  • Original book publisher (please mail to our support team).

» Audio dramas can still be delivered directly to the iTunes store with the “iTunes” store package (Genre: Spoken Word). If you’d like those to be delivered to Audible as well, please get in touch with our team.

» Editing and verifying artist profiles in the stores

Some download stores and streaming platforms allow artists to create, edit and sometimes also verify their own artist profiles. Find more information here:


Apple Music



Retail price vs. earnings

What you earn per sale is different from the retail price a release is sold for. This is due to the fact that each store
keeps a certain amount per sale in order to cover their own expenses – e.g. to pay for the collecting societies, their
employees’ wages or their own taxes. This is called „store share“. The retail price minus the store share equals your
earnings. These earnings are being paid out from the stores to recordJet and will appear in your recordJet dashboard in the
„sales reports“ section. Here is an example calculation:
0.99€ retail price on iTunes

028€ iTunes share
0.71€ earnings paid out from the stores to recordJet
According to the deal you picked for your release, recordJet will pay out 90% (Business Class Basic) or 100% (Business Class
Premium) of your earnings straight to you.