Stream your music with Deezer

Deezer is the most important streaming service aside from Spotify. It’s available in more than 180 countries around the world. Deezer has also made deals with local mobile operators and local brands (e.g. the Lidl chain in Germany).

Deezer Vertrieb - deine Musik auf Deezer streamen | recordJet
Deezer Vertrieb - deine Musik bei Deezer | recordJet
How much does Deezer pay?

Streaming services normally pay between 0.1 and 1 cent per play. The amount depends on the store’s advertising revenue, price model, channel used, country, number of premium customers, etc., and therefore varies monthly.

Important: Contrary to some rumors, musicians also get paid for plays in the ad-supported freemium model. We’ve gone into more detail about streaming income here.

Deezer countries

Deezer is available in more than 180 countries. This makes it the streaming service with the world’s highest coverage.

Deezer United Arab Emirates

Deezer Afghanistan

Deezer Antigua and Barbuda

Deezer Anguilla

Deezer Albania

Deezer Armenia

Deezer Angola

Deezer Argentina

Deezer Austria

Deezer Australia

Deezer Azerbaijan

Deezer Bosnia Herzegovina

Deezer Barbados

Deezer Bangladesh

Deezer Belgium

Deezer Burkina Faso

Deezer Bulgaria

Deezer Bahrain

Deezer Burundi

Deezer Benin

Deezer Brunei

Deezer Bolivia

Deezer Brasil

Deezer Bhutan

Deezer Botswana

Deezer Belarus

Deezer Canada

Deezer Cocos Islands

Deezer Democratic Republik Kongo

Deezer Celtral African Republik

Deezer Republic of Kongo

Deezer Switzerland

Deezer Ivory Coast

Deezer Cook Islands

Deezer Chile

Deezer Camerun

Deezer Colombia

Deezer Costa Rica

Deezer Cape Verde

Deezer Christmas Island

Deezer Cyprus

Deezer Czech Republic

Deezer Germany

Deezer Djibuti

Deezer Denmark

Deezer Dominica

Deezer Algeria

Deezer Ecuador

Deezer Estonia

Deezer Egypt

Deezer Western Sahara

Deezer Eritrea

Deezer Spain

Deezer Ethiopia

Deezer Finland

Deezer Fiji

Deezer Falkland Islands

Deezer Federated States of Micronesia

Deezer France

Deezer Gabon

Deezer United Kingdom

Deezer Grenada

Deezer Georgia

Deezer Ghana

Deezer Gambia

Deezer Guinea

Deezer Equatorial Guinea

Deezer Greece

Deezer Guatemala

Deezer Guinea-Bissau

Deezer Honduras

Deezer Croatia

Deezer Hungary

Deezer Indonesia

Deezer Ireland

Deezer British Indian Ocean Territory

Deezer Irak

Deezer Iceland

Deezer Italy

Deezer Jamaica

Deezer Jordan

Deezer Kenia

Deezer Kyrgyztan

Deezer Cambodia

Deezer Kiribati

Deezer Comoros

Deezer Saint Kitts and Nevis

Deezer South Korea

Deezer Kuwait

Deezer Cayman Islands

Deezer Kazakhstan

Deezer Laos

Deezer Lebanon

Deezer Saint Lucia

Deezer Sri Lanka

Deezer Liberia

Deezer Lesotho

Deezer Lithuania

Deezer Luxemburg

Deezer Latvia

Deezer Libyy

Deezer Marocco

Deezer Moldova

Deezer Montenegro

Deezer Madagascar

Deezer Marshall Islands

Deezer Macedonia

Deezer Mali

Deezer Mongolia

Deezer Mauretania

Deezer Montserrat

Deezer Malta

Deezer Mauritius

Deezer Maldives

Deezer Malawi

Deezer Mexico

Deezer Malaysia

Deezer Mosambik

Deezer Namibia

Deezer Niger

Deezer Norfolk Islands

Deezer Nigeria

Deezer Nicaragua

Deezer Netherlands

Deezer Norway

Deezer Nepal

Deezer Nauru

Deezer Niue

Deezer New Zealand

Deezer Oman

Deezer Panama

Deezer Peru

Deezer Papua New Guinea

Deezer Philippines

Deezer Pakistan

Deezer Poland

Deezer Pitcairn Islands

Deezer Portugal

Deezer Palau

Deezer Paraguay

Deezer Qatar

Deezer Rimania

Deezer Serbia

Deezer Russia

Deezer Ruanda

Deezer Saudi Arabia

Deezer Salomon Islands

Deezer Seychelles

Deezer Sweden

Deezer Singapore

Deezer Slovenia

Deezer Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Deezer Slovakia

Deezer Sierra Leone

Deezer Senegal

Deezer Somalia

Deezer São Tomé and Príncipe

Deezer El Salvador

Deezer Swaziland

Deezer Turcs and Caicos

Deezer Chad

Deezer Togo

Deezer Thailand

Deezer Tadzhikistan

Deezer Tokelau

Deezer Ost-Timor

Deezer Turkmenistan

Deezer Tunisia

Deezer Tonga

Deezer Turkey

Deezer Tuvalu

Deezer Tanzania

Deezer Ukraine

Deezer Uganda

Deezer USA

Deezer Uruguay

Deezer Uzbekistan

Deezer St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Deezer Venezuela

Deezer British Virgin Islands

Deezer Vietnam

Deezer Vanuatu

Deezer Samoa

Deezer Yemen

Deezer Soutz Africa

Deezer Sambia

Deezer Simbabwe