Registration for the offical German, Swiss and Austrian Charts - media control ® GfK

Upon uploading your release on recordJet, your data will be submitted to PHONONET and media control ® GfK. This way, all data from digital releases (even if there is no physical counterpart) will be considered for the official German, Austrian and Swiss album and single charts – automatically and free of charge.

IMPORTANT: If you distribute your music both digitally and physically, media control ® GfK cannot automatically recognize that both versions of your release belong together, because the release information is being delivered to them by two different service providers (i.e. recordJet and New Music Distribution).

In order to inform media control ® GfK about the fact that the digital and physical version of your release belong together and should together be counted for the charts, please proceed as follows:

BEFORE the release date you should send an email to [email protected] including title, artist, GTIN of the album and ISRCs of the track list. The email should also include the information that the digital and physical version of this release belong together. That’s all.