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recordJet has the perfect deal for you to distribute your music to the best online stores worldwide. Of course you will keep all of your rights and get 100% of the royalties – for a small annual fee. You can withdraw your money at any time or use it for tailor-made services, promotions and exclusive deals.
What are you waiting for?

Higher earnings.

At recordJet we pay out up to 100% of earnings from sales - because your music is yours and you deserve everything from it.

earnings | recordJet Up to 100 % of earnings from sales
Immediate credit of earnings
No hidden fees
More freedom.

Digital distribution should not trap you in binding contracts but give you maximum freedom. This is how we do it.

Non-exclusive distribution | recordJet Non-exclusive distribution
Free choice of stores | recordJet Free choice of stores
Keep all your rights and your freedom | recordJet Keep all your rights to your music
More value.

Our deals include tons of extra value at no additional cost - we're convinced that great service should always be included.

48hrs tech and online support | recordJet 48hrs tech and on-site support
Metadata optimization
Express handling & delivery
Registration Phononet & charts registration G-S-A
Own label? Use it.
Many great upgrades & services on board
All codes included.

All necessary codes and identifiers are included in our deals - so you don't have to worry about the details.

GTIN and ISRC | recordJet GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) included
GTIN and ISRC | recordJet ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) included
GTIN and ISRC | recordJet You have your own codes? Cool, you can use them too.
The latest technology.

Along with delivery to all important stores worldwide, recordJet offers many useful extra options you will love.

Interactive Trends | recordJet Interactive trends and sales stats
Certified SSL encrypted transfer
Takedown | recordJet Initiate takedowns yourself - anytime
Choose your own pricing levels
Our philosophy.

We believe worldwide digital distribution should be ethical & fair, and meet musicians' needs in the best way possible.

Reliability, fairness and transparency
No small print, no hidden fees
100% secure data transfer
Your choice

90 % of royalties
One-time setup fee

Single 19 € one-time EP 29 € one-time Album 39 € one-time Check-in >

100 % of royalties
Annual fee

Single 9 € / year EP 19 € / year Album 29 € / year Check-in >
First Class

Individual deals
including many upgrades, volume-based deals, etc.

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Commercial offer: All prices are quoted excluding VAT.