Physical Distribution

recordJet offers physical distribution of your pressed CDs all across Germany, Europe and worldwide in cooperation with our partner EDEL.

CD Pressing

Our partner NewDEF offers CD pressing with standard jewelcases or disc box sliders in any configuration you can imagine.


The agency Weise is a young company located in Dresden. Our partner specializes in textile printing, andcan process any textile products, whether it’s single-units or high volume orders. Our service allows you to order and produce high-quality t-shirts with the logo or image of your band.

Vinyl manufacturing

Together with our partner handle with care, we now offer high-quality vinyl manufacturing.

Promotion for Metal, Rock and Guitar Pop

In association with recordJet, Dr. Music Promotion offers the execution of PR campaigns for your releases in the print and online media area as well as in the radio. Dr. Music is specialized in genre promotion including metal, rock and pop.

Promotion for Hip Hop and Pop

MACHEETE is located in Berlin and offers promotion for hip hop acts and pop artists.

Moving images

MOKOST & VeiTV, a motion and communication design studio, is specialized in moving images. The main focus of MOKOST & VeiTV is not on amateurish, mass-production, but rather innovative motion design solutions. Together with recordJet, MOKOST & VeiTV is offering a variety of packages tailored to you.


Types of videos MOKOST has already created:

– 2D animation
– Stop motion animation
– Kinetic typography
– Live video
– Performance videos
– Semi-narrative clips
– Narrative clips
– Art clips & experimental clips