Passenger of the Month in September 2017 – YXC

Passenger of the Month in September 2017: YXC
A journey to a new sound sphere, beyond mainstream, yet easily accessible to anybody who appreciates the warm atmosphere of melancholic, electronic pop music.
Searching for an inspiring, creative environment, four passionate musicians from different places in Germany met at an Art Academy in the Netherlands and started the band „YXC“.
A keyboard- and synth- playing film composer with a passion for hip-hop and electronic music, a Berlin original beat drummer, a guitarist constantly chasing new sound shapes and a singer-songwriter, expressing her inner world to the outside.
Within the past two years, they performed at several festivals and clubs and developed their own characteristic sound.
Buy now: YXC – EP 1

A mixture of poetic frequencies, vibrating beats, electronic soundscapes and delicate, warm vocals that invite you to get lost in a hypnotic atmosphere and captivate mind and feet alike.
This summer, they finally released their debut EP. Four songs, introduced by a poem. A tale about love, lust, searching, losing and finding oneself.

Find more information on Facebook, Soundcloud and Youtube.
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