Spotify is giving gifts early this holiday season

Spotify LogoA few days before the holidays Spotify has revealed a big surprise: Spotify launched a free tier on mobile and tablet and thus giving access to it’s catalogue of over 20 million songs across all mobile devices for free.

The free tier enables users to shuffle play their favourite artists, their playlists and discover one of the service’s 1.5 billion playlists. But since we’re dealing with a completely free, ad-based version there are a few limitations too – take for example the 6 song limit from a single album per hour, the fact that a user will not be able to hear/play one song more than one time per hour and no offline as well as no on-demand play.

Apart from this, Spotify launched in 20 new countries, many of them in Middle and South America: Hungary, Czech Republic, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Cyprus, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia.

Spotify is not the first streaming service to reveal extensive launch activities in Middle and South America. Only yesterday Rdio announced similar geographical expansions towards the Spanish speaking countries on the southern hemisphere. And recordJet’s Spanish speaking website launched on December 1st – because honestly guys, we anticipated all of this ;).

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