More tips on how to get the most out of Spotify (for advanced users)

This article updates and expands on our most popular article of all times: Captain’s Advice: 3 ways to make the most of Spotify.
The above linked article explains the basics of how Spotify works, including the following points:

  • – How to establish a verified profile on Spotify
  • – How to upload an artist banner image
  • – How to put together and brand a playlist

Reading the above article is a MUST, as the next described functions are dependent on those basics. After you’ve settled those points, you can dive into these more advanced Spotify hacks:

  • – What Spotify Fan Insights are, and how you can get access
  • – How you can change your banner image on Spotify
  • – How to show your tour dates on Spotify

What are Spotify Fan Insights, and how do you receive access to these?
Spotify Fan Insights
Spotify Fan Insights is an extremely useful tool that allows bands and musicians to receive detailed information on how listeners are engaging with their music – for instance, how often a track is added to a playlist, how many streams one has on his track in a particular territory or how many listeners your music had all together in the past 24 hours. You can register for Spotify Fan Insights here (scroll all the way down): Spotify Fan Insights.
Important: You’ll need to first create a verified account in order to see your Spotify Fan Insights. We’ve explained how to do this in our article: “The Captain’s advice: 3 tips on how to get the most out of Spotify.”
How can I change the large banner image on Spotify?
Kytes Banner Spotify | recordJet
As soon as you have your Spotify Fan Insights login, you can use the camera-symbol to upload a banner image. The specifications and required dimensions for the banner image change from time to time. Ask Spotify Artist Support for the current requirements.
Integrating merchandise with Spotify
Spotify has established a partnership with Merchbar which allows bands and musicians to sell their merchandise directly on the platform. Spotify explains how that works here.
Show tour dates on Spotify
Lara Snow Tour | recordJet
With help from Ticketmaster and Songkick, you’re able to show your tour dates on Spotify. Here’s an explanation on how it works: In case you have further questions, refer to Songkick Support.

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