recordJet signs Fair Digital Deal Declaration

WINWe are proud to declare that, like many members of the VUT (German Association of Independent Music Companies), recordJet has signed the Fair Digital Deal Declaration. By signing the Fair Digital Deal Declaration, independent music companies like labels, editorials and distributors commit to offering their musicians fair deals and fair payment for their musical art.

As of right now, already 86 members of the VUT have signed the declaration and thus taken a stand for fair and transparent collaboration with musicians.

From the WIN website:

In today’s music industry, new digital services launch regularly, and existing services continue to launch new features. In recent years a pattern has emerged whereby large rights owners can secure huge lump sum payments, typically for equity, access, administration, ‘breakage’ and other non-attributable charges. The artist community has understandably expressed growing concern about the apparent disparity between the value of the overall deal to the rights holder versus the per-stream rate which is often the only revenue shared with the artist. As it is the artist whose work creates all such revenues, the WIN community has determined to adopt a clear stance for the artist community.

The WIN Declaration makes it clear that signatory companies will share the benefits of dealing with digital services fairly and clearly with artists. This is to amplify our commitment to fairness and transparency, and to ensuring a sustainable economic relationship between the independent recorded music industry and the artists it partners with to bring their music to market. Over 800 independent labels from around the world have already signed up to the declaration, pledging a commitment to pay their artists fairly and transparently.

Please find further information and all contents of the FAIR DIGITAL DEAL DECLARATION on the Worldwide Independent Network website.




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