Platinum for Milky Chance and recordJet

recordJet und Milky Chance: Platin

V.l.t.r. in the cockpit’s bath tub: Carolin (recordJet), Tobias (Lichtdicht Records), Jorin (recordJet)

We had no idea what was about to happen when Tobias Herder from Lichtdicht Records wanted to visit us in our bath tub (because seriously guys…everybody wants that!). But when he arrived with that mysterious framed THING in his hands, we suddenly realized:

Tobi had come to award us our first platinum record – because our passengers Milky Chance had sold more than 300,000 units of their single “Stolen Dance”.

recordJet and Lichtdicht Records have been closely working together from the very start. We are connected by deep sympathy and share similar philosophies and attitudes #TakeNoShit.

recordJet und Lichtdicht Records arbeiten seit der Gründung des Labels eng zusammen und uns verbindet nicht nur eine tiefe Sympathie. Auch unsere Philosophie und Attitude decken sich in weiten Teilen #TakeNoShit

Dear Tobi and the guys from Milky Chance: Thank you so much for everything, it’s such a pleasure to work with you <3.




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