Passenger of the Month in May: SXTN

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Passenger of the Month in May: SXTN

At the end of 2015, German female Hiphop-Duo „SXTN“ released their first video called „Deine Mutter“ („Your Mother“). Instantaneously it got people talking, but opinions were divided: Are women allowed to talk like that? With explicit content so harsh, so direct? Male hiphop acts are doing it every day… but females??

SXTN, consisting of Berlin-based rappers Nura and Juju, simply don’t give a f… ! They’ll say what they want to say, and if it’s vulgar, if it’s explicit, who cares… They’re confident enough to say it, as long as it’s honest and direct and befitting the hard, trap-inspired beats flowing under their tracks.

Right in line with the video „Deine Mutter“, but more than simply provocative, SXTN has released their first EP titled „Asozialisierungsprogramm“ (“asocialisation program“) on April 15, 2016. They have signed with the No. 1 booking agency for German Hiphop (Four Artists) and will be playing festivals and live gigs all through the summer, ending in their own first headline tour „FTZN IM CLB” in September.

Buy now: SXTN – Asozialisierungsprogramm




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