Passenger of the Month in June – Erica Dee

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Passenger of the Month in June: Erica Dee

Erica Dee has been living a life some people only dream of ‐ traveling the world as a Vocalist, DJ & MC. Her soothing, honey laced voice and playful melodies make her a highly sought after featured vocalist for many artists, and after years of noteworthy collaborations, Erica Dee is opening her heart and releasing her first ever solo album, “New Skies”, on May 13, 2016.
The daughter of Bostonian jazz musicians, Erica Dee has been immersed in music her entire life. She discovered her sound within the underground electronic and hip‐hop culture of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Erica began singing with DJs and bands at the age of 17. In college, Erica quickly built a name for herself when she began DJ’ing a live set of her own in 2007. After seeing her live, DJ Nu‐Mark of Jurassic 5 was so impressed with her performance, that he invited her to write and record in Los Angeles. That same year she embarked on her first nationwide tour with DJ Shadow and released her classic mixtape “Golden”, which combines 90’s R&B flavors with nu house and beat music.
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Erica Dee has captivated audiences from Brazil to Israel, and performed with a wide array of artists such as Quest Love, Mark Farina, Masta Ace, Lil’ Kim, Nneka ,Thievery Corporation, Erick Morillo, Justin Martin and Bassnectar. While living in Berlin, Erica collaborated with renowned electronic producers and completed “New Skies”, her debut solo album. Produced by DJ Werd, Featuring DJ Nu Mark & Mr. Lif, the album will be released on Berlin’s Long Lost Relative label. Teaming up with DJ Werd and finding a home on his label has fallen naturally into place for Erica. The successful independent label is made up of passionate creators who support each other’s individual journeys with one common thread ‐ the music.

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