Passenger of the Month in August – The Wizard Lady Bros.

Wizard Lady Bros. Passenger of the Month in August: The Wizard Lady Bros.

Back in the 80′s we remember The Wizard Lady Bros. in full bloom. With their smash hit “Take it 2 the max.” they roughed up the dusty music biz not only musically, but also by the way they moved their bodies to the rhythm of their unique sound.
Out of the brothers’ Californian studio above the Pacific henceforth hits spilled like hot buns getting sold on a sunny sunday morning.
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Ill-advised by their management unfortunately they began releasing all future recordings on cartridges. That made it unable to spread their stuff to a large crowd and so the Bros. fell into oblivion.
Now they’re back in full effect to prove their status as living legends.
Find more information on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and on the official Wizard Lady Bros. website.
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