New service at recordJet: Mastered for iTunes now offers a new service which lovers of high res music might enjoy: We will deliver your music, which has specifically been mastered for iTunes, to the store in high res where it will be displayed with the label “Mastered for iTunes”.

With sparkling state-of-the-art fidelity, Mastered for iTunes lets you experience music as the artist and sound engineer intended. Capturing every detail in high resolution, this mastering process ensures a pristine listening experience on your computer, stereo and all Apple devices.

Our passengers Diamá are already making use of our “Mastered for iTunes” service:

Using the “Mastered for iTunes” tools, producers can present their songs with barely any loss. With our “Mastered for iTunes” service, you can transfer music that has been mastered in high resolution specifically for iTunes to the iTunes store, and visibly mark it as such.

recordJet takes care of registration, processing and delivery of your “Mastered for iTunes” tracks.

Find more information about our new service and booking possibilities here: recordJet service “Mastered for iTunes”.


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