New Service on Board: iTunes Instant Gratification

iTunes has an amazing feature that many musicians are already successfully using for their new releases: Instant Gratification.

iTunes Instant Gratification allows your fans to buy and download specific, pre-defined tracks before the official release of your album. When someone pre-orders the entire album, they will automatically receive the Instant Gratification tracks.

iTunes Instant Gratification

The recordJet crew loves this feature so much that we decided to offer it as an optional service for all recordJet passengers. From now on, you can select the tracks that will be offered to your fans on iTunes before the official release.

Good to know:
•    Instant Grat makes the most sense if you have a long pre-order phase. If you already have an official release date, upload your album to recordJet several weeks earlier and specify the Instant Grat dates. This gives you enough time to promote your release, since Instant Grat isn’t of much use if nobody knows about it

•    The sale of each Instant Grat track can start on a different date or on the same date

•    Instant Grat tracks are available from the sales start date through to the official release date of your album

•    iTunes Guideline: You can offer up to half of the tracks on your album as Instant Gratification

•    Instant Grat is currently only available on iTunes


Click here to learn more about our iTunes Instant Gratification service.

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