New service on board: Label Code

Do you want to send your music to German radio stations and collect your earnings from airplay? Many German radio and TV services will only accept your music if it comes with a label code, which is something you can get now on board with recordJet. If your release is being used on a radio or TV program, the radio or TV station can use the label code for payment via GVL (Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten, German Performing Rights Society) to recordJet.

By using recordJet’s label code you will be paid 100% of earnings from airplay that have been paid to recordJet, and that can be clearly attributed to your release (via GTIN or ISRC) – regardless of whether these payments are from GVL, streaming or radio services.

There is a discounted, one-time fee of €29 for use of the label code for releases that are digitally distributed through recordJet. The regular price is €49 for all other releases. Once you book our service, we register you at GVL with our label code, and all earnings will be automatically included in your account. No minimum earnings required.
Click here to find out more and book our label code service.


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