On the Radar: Mista Meta

Mista Meta | recordJet
Photocredit: Luis Primo de la Fuente


“I ain’t got time for Jail, I’ve got so much things to do”


with this line Mista Meta, west-berlins prettiest motherfu*ker, rises up from the underground and kicks in the doors of the german rapgame. Due to the perfect mixture of pure aggressiveness and pure aggressiveness, Meta delivered with his latest release „Miami Life“, the soundtrack for your next bar-brawl. Born in the 19th chamber of Berlin, Mista Meta is driven by more than just the greed and hunger for money. In the end its the tailor-made tracksuit, razor-sharp flows, player attitude and impulsive beats whats left behind in the mind of the listeners, forever.



If you want to listen to Mista Meta, check our german rap playlist: Der Captain empfiehlt: Deutschrap


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