Max on board: recordJet welcomes a new Account Pilot

– It’s a dude
– His name is Max Schneider

Max Schneider | recordJet
Full cockpit: Berlin-based music distributor recordJet has stocked up on personnel and expanded their crew. Max Schneider, educated as a music manager and a former Deezer employee, was hired as an account pilot to cater to the every whim of the recordJet passengers. Max seems to be enjoying his new working environment:
“If I make a list of all the adjectives that media companies love to use to describe themselves, I can tick these off with good conscience at recordJet. Young, dynamic, flexible, ambitious – the whole set, basically. But the main thing is that I’m easily 10 cm taller than the rest of the crew. This gives me a sense of security and power, so I really wanted to join the team. Now I sit here 9-5 at a window seat, but I’m taller than the others, even while I’m sitting. Ha!”
Even Captain Jorin has gotten used to the new face in the cockpit: “Since the happy passengers started to pile up and no one really had the time to just pop out for a trip to the lake anymore, we urgently had to come up with something. We then held Germany’s Next Top Pilot, and, although nobody expected it: the winner turned out to be a man! Even Heidi hasn’t managed that one yet. IT’S A WRAP!”
The crew is happy to have Max on board. Now there will hopefully always be enough tomato juice in the office.

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