Passenger of the Month in March 2019: MADANII

Passenger of the Month in March 2019: MADANII

MADANII | Holes - distributed by recordJet

Who decides what’s ‚normal“? And what if you’ll never fit into said ‚norm’ no matter how hard you try?

The feeling of otherness is one only too familiar to Dena Madani who was born the daughter of Iranian refugees in Germany. Her thoughtful lyrics describe self doubt hiding below the surface (HOLES), razors cutting away dark and unwanted hair on arms and eyebrows so to not stand out among her peers (MVNIA).

Together with producer and partner in crime Lucas Herweg she’s blending traditional Iranian instruments like ney, santur and kamanche with futuristic synth hooks and Middle Eastern percussion with a booming bass, while we have Iranian melodies shimmer through her style of singing.

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This display of ambiguity in times when societies fear of the ‚unknown other’ is undoubtedly on the rise is almost a deliberate provocation. Instead of deferring to simple black and white thinking MADANII are embracing the paradox and reclaiming their otherness. Mystical or urban, Pop or underground, sex club or vernissage, dramatic or exuberant – MADANII are all of these things at the same time and refusing any form of pigeonholing.

More information on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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