Passenger of the Month in February: LUI HILL

Passenger of the Month in February 2019: LUI HILL

Lui Hill | Rusty Strings - distributed by recordJet


LUI HILL’s come a long way – in many ways – from the small city in which he grew up. He can – at least in part – thank his father for this, though not for the reasons that many musicians thank their parents. HILL’s father, after all, didn’t play him records, nor teach him guitar, nor take him to his first concerts, though he did help build the rehearsal room that allowed his son, from a young age, to practise playing music every day. But no: the key reason for HILL’s gratitude to his father is the time they spent through his teenage years exploring the globe together.


HILL’s musical journey began at a youthful age, encouraged by his mother, who played violin, piano and accordion, and was never shy of sharing her enthusiasms, whether for The Beatles or Bach. By the age of 12, he was fronting a punk band, and a brother who was eight years older helped expand his horizons, exposing HILL to funk, blues and jazz. His brother also helped supply the most treasured cultural experience of HILL’s childhood: the night they went to see the original ‘Gangster Of Love’, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, and HILL, who was just 14, was invited to sing with his hero. A couple of years later, however, he picked up drumsticks for the first time. Though music still competed with both his painting and love for skateboarding – even now, that’s his preferred mode of transport when exploring new cities – drums became the focus of his music university studies. To this day, they remain an important part of the LUI HILL musical experience: at concerts, he still plays while he sings.


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Now finally, the new single is ready for release: The song ‘Rusty Strings’ is a testimony to a “higher power.” Khofhi The King – street musician from one of Cape Town’s poorest neighborhoods – meets LUI HILL with his unusual rap – an international artist who sees South Africa as a source of inspiration, even almost as a home. Is that coincidence? Or fate? Is there a higher power that has led the two to each other? No matter what words we use, in the end it’s about the moment, captured in an extraordinary song.

„We are blessed. LUI and I didn’t search for each other but a higher power brought us together. Music is what connects people all over the world and music is what let me to this wonderful man.”, so Khofhi.


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