Passenger of the Month in April 2019: Liquid & Maniac

Passenger of the Month in April 2019: Liquid & Maniac


Liquid & Maniac | The Gaudi is real - distributed by recordJet


Slogan, motto, album title & label.


For their new album „The Gaudi is Real“, Liquid & Maniac from Regensburg, South Germany combine bavarian-slang raps with hard 808 basses to create a unique modern hip hop & trap sound. Their music is a mix between Gaudi and Gaudi. On one hand the gaudi known as turn-up and having fun, but on the other hand the gaudi that can be described as a protest or being loud to adress a topic that may not be so fun. An outstanding production, musically progressive and lyrically on point.


The Gaudi is simply real.



Just as real as the feature-guests on the LP. „Meine Leid“ is a song with currently one of the most interesting austrian rappers, Crack Ignaz. „Hampelmänner“ is a neckbreaking banger on which they got Roger Rekless, Munich´s freestyle beast, to join them. For the song „Depp Du“, they met up with bavarian icon Haindling to make a remix of his classic 80s song „Du Depp“, on which they criticise a social shift to the right and racist ideologies. To mix it up even more, they produced a jodel-rap song with D´Raith Schwestern and combined heavy bass with bavarian folk music.


Another musical highlight is „Flohmarkt“, an ode to real coolness and a middle-finger to the fake it to make it mentality.


So everybody What The Fuck Is The Deal? The Gaudi Is What? The Gaudi Is Real!

More Information at the offiicial websiteFacebook (Liquid), Facebook (Maniac), Instagram (Liquid), Instagram (Maniac) and YouTube.


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