iTunes goes streaming … and calls it iTunes Radio

There have been many rumors but now Apple has confirmed: They are working on building their own streaming-service. Apple’s new baby will be called “iTunes Radio” (rather boring, eh?) and should be launching in the US in fall 2013. Further territories will follow.

We are already used to using iTunes software on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and it will be no different with iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio’s stations will evolve based on your music on iTunes, your purchases in the iTunes store and your listening habits on iTunes Radio itself – so the more you use it, the better the recommendation algorithm will work. Plus, you can create stations easily by simply entering the name of an artist, a song or a genre. A nice feature for musicians: iTunes Radio is closely intertwined with the iTunes store, so whenever someone likes a song on iTunes Radio, they can buy it quickly and easily in the iTunes store.

All passengers who have picked the iTunes store package will have their music forwarded to iTunes Radio automatically and for free, nothing further needs to be done. The service will be available in the US in fall 2013, and additional countries at a later date.

Find out more information on Apple: Apple iTunes Radio




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