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You might have seen this before: You insert a CD into your computer, open iTunes and immediately see all the correct title information. You know which track is which. However, this doesn’t seem to work with all CDs, because sometimes all you see is “Track 01″, Track 02” etc. Very helpful indeed!


iTunes Track Information Gracenote


Why is this? And how can you prevent your fans from seeing mere gibberish instead of the proper title information?

The magic word is “Gracenote”. Gracenote operates the CDDB (Compact Disc DataBase), which is the database that supplies iTunes with track title information. So, in the first case described above, the relevant title information was found in the CDDB, whereas in the second case, iTunes could not find any matches in the database. In order to make sure your listeners can see all your titles and understand your music better, you should feed the CDDB with your information.


Send title information to Gracenote
This is how to proceed if you want to feed the CDDB with your title information. The following description is based on the iTunes 12 player.


– Make sure you are connected to the internet

– Click the “CD” field in the upper left corner in the iTunes window

– Enter the correct title information per track

– Click “options” in the upper right corner and then “Submit CD track names”

Important: You don’t have to wait until your professionally pressed CDs are done. The sample CD your sound engineer or masterer gave you is usually an exact copy of the final product and can be used for Gracenote.


Find more information here: If you don’t see song information on iTunes.


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