Felix Kramer: Interview with our Passenger of the Month in October 2018

Felix Kramer | recordJet
Who are you?
I am Felix Kramer. I sing songs in the dialect from Vienna about unpleasant things.
Tell us your story!
I’ve been playing music ever since, in all kind of genres, from ska to rockmusic, then I studied classical guitar and witched over to writing my own songs at the age of 18.
How did you start making music?
My mother used to play the guitar, so I wanted to do so as well. I was around 5 years old then.
Why and how did you started at recordJet?
It’s because of my newest album – so my label (Phat Penguin) organized everything with recordJet.
To what kind of music do you listen?
That changes every few days… at the moment it’s Tom Waits, John Zorn, Ground Zero, and Dan Knopper.
And what are your “guilty pleasures”?
Britney Spears and Eminem.
If it wasn’t music – what would it be?
You are quite active at the moment so you’ll get some insights in the musicindustry. In your opinioon: What’s the biggest problem and what’s the best progress in the industry today?
The biggest problem would be, that it is not self-evident to pay for music anymore. What I like on the other hand is that the big major labels are losing their importance und their power, so there are bigger chances from the indie-area.
Who are your heroes? And why?
My heroes are people who are brave and go their own way and stand for their cause. Classical superheroes will never exist in my opinion, since everybody has some imperfection.
Which was your first record and which was your last?Welche Platte hast du zuerst und welche zuletzt gekauft?
I think the first record I bought in aware was Meddle by Pink Floyd. The last record I bought was the album of an austrian composer, Daniel Lercher.
If you had a real Jet for a day, where would you go and why?
To Indonesia. Friends told me it’s cool there.
Tell us your favorite joke!
That one doesn’t really work if it’s written.
Any final words? What’s on your mind?
There are dangerous people in our government, who’ll do all kind of things to stay in charge. That’s not okay, and never will be. We can’t sleep on this right now!

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