DJT.O. – Interview with our Passenger of the Month in August 2017

DJT.O | recordJet
Who and what are you?
Hello everyone! There is only a single person behind DJT.O. My birth name is Alex Petropoulus and my DJ name is DJT.O. I’m an international club DJ and producer.
DJT.O – How did you get that name? Tell us the story, please.
Ohhh this ia a big secret I won’t share My original DJ name was a bit too provocative, so I simply took the first and the last letter and boom: DJT.O was born.
How and why did you start making music?
12 year old me wanted to play the keyboard so badly. When I got a glimpse at two or three DJ scenes from the TV and saw the enthusiastic crowd, I knew that I had found my thing. Happy smiling faces and in the front row the DJ controlling the energy. My dream literally came true.
How and why did you end up at recordJet?
Another artist told me about recordJet, so I took a look at the whole concept and was very intrigued by it.
Which music do you like to listen to privately?
Hard to tell. I listen to music across all genres, but most of the time I prefer nature. I love to listen to the silence of the forest, the sea or the humming of the birds – which can sometimes be crazy fascinating.
You are very active in the music industry. What is the biggest fault and the greatest thing (in your opinion) about the music industry today?
A lot of things have changed compared to the past. The switch from vinyl to mp3 in the DJ world – for most of the people it was hard to believe that digital could ever take the upper hand. But little by little people learn to deal with it and all the newcomers and DJs now only know mp3. The toughest thing is to stand out from the crowd. Life is faster nowadays and you have to keep up with that pace. As a DJ you are almost obliged to continuously release something new to stay in the game. That’s why you need to work work work 24/7
Who are your heroes and why?
I’m not the person to just look at what other people are doing – but looking at legends or heroes like Michael Jackson or Bob Marley – they just blow me away. The lyrics, the beats, the image – everything’s just plain perfect and on top their willingness to change the world into something positive, a place full of peace without weapons…wow, THESE ones really are my major heroes.
What was the first and latest album you bought?
Good question, lt’s been a while…but my first record was an Av8Records New York bootleg vinyl with several remixes and right after that DJ Tomekk and Lil’ Kim with Kimnotyze (I still play this one today). My last one I think was R. Kelly, I just can’t remember which EP.
Tell us your favorite joke!
Boah I don’t have any favorite jokes. Most of the time my remarks or jokes just plop out freestyle Memorizing something – I’m pretty bad at this.
If you had the real recordJet at your disposal for one day, where would you go, and why?
First of all thank you for the invitation to the interview. This goes out to all the readers, artists, producers or DJs out there: Believe in your dreams, producers, and DJs out there. Don’t waste your time hating – give love, that’s the key!
Cheers and a big merci!

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