Co-pilots, naked! This time with Adam Perry, CEO of BandApp and drummer of The Bloodhound Gang

With our series “Co-pilots naked” we’d like to present to you the pros behind our services – because we are thrilled about working together with them, and are absolutely convinced of the quality of their work.

Undressing for you today: Adam Perry of BandApp and The Bloodhound Gang.

Adam Perry: Vienna 2010


Name:Adam Perry
Age: 43
Where do you live: Leigh-On-Sea, Essex (just outside London….London’s nearest beach!)
Favourite place: London/ Berlin/ Los Angeles/ Emirates Stadium (home of Arsenal)
Hobbies: Snowboarding/ Watching Arsenal
Favourite music: Rock/ Metal/ Anything good (Rush!)
Education/professional training: None (apart from 5 years at art college)
Which topic do you most like to discuss? Drums
Your life philosophy: Treat people the way you’d like them to treat you/ Always enjoy what you do
Which was the first record you ever bought in your life, and which was the latest? Duran Duran, Girls On Film (I’m old)/ Deftones (KOI NO YOKAN)



Who are you and if so, how many?
I’m Adam, I’m CEO and Founder of BandApp and the drummer in The Bloodhound Gang….I’m well thanks!

What do you do on a long day? How and why did you found your company?
Work, work, work! Thats all I do these days. I started BandApp two years ago whilst on tour with The Bloodhound Gang in Australia. I wanted to create a platform so bands could make themselves an iPhone/ Android App in minutes for free, so we did!

What is so special about BandApp?
It’s free, its instant and we have our own app store called Explore that sits inside every app created….BandApp also has a huge community of fans already using BandApps, so once you create your own, you can find new fans instantly…All free.

How did you become a recordJet co-pilot?
They asked me! At BandApp we love recordJet, so we have partnered, it makes a sense for our users. (Editor’s note: We blushed a little bit here ♥.)

Who was the most famous artist you worked together with? How was it? Gossip, please!
Ha! Quite a few actually. We once did a duet with Mel C from the Spice girls (in my old band “A”) Altough we didn’t want to do it, so we didn’t turn up to the studio. Mel C went down there and we weren’t there. We felt really bad afterwards and sent her some flowers!

What was the strangest experience during your work, and what would you have rather not experienced?
I can’t possibly say, but some of the stuff you see on tour with Then Bloodhound Gang is crazy! When I first joined the band, I was pretty new to this crazy world, then after a couple of weeks, it becomes very normal!

What is your ultimate tip for our passengers?
Its all about the music!!! Make sure you write the best songs possible, get this bit right and the rest will follow, get it wrong and it won’t matter how many followers you have on Twitter.

Last words? Is there anything you really want to say, which you weren’t yet able to share?
Build a BandApp, its free and the best way to stay in contact with your fans on Mobile!

Adam, thank you very much for the interview.
Thank you! See you on tour in Germany throughout the summer!

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