Co-pilots, naked! This time with Miriam and Torsten of Dr. Music Promotion.

With our series “Co-pilots naked”, we’d like to present to you the pros behind our services – because we are thrilled about working together with them, and absolutely confident of the quality of their work.

Undressing for you today: Miriam Guigueno and Torsten Wohlgemuth of Dr. Music Promotion.

Dr. Music Promotion


Name: Miriam Guigueno | Torsten Wohlgemuth
Age: 36 | 34
Where do you live: Hagen | Dortmund
Favorite place: The place where good friends and good music come together!
Hobbies: With music, we’ve made our hobby our profession 😉 We’ve both always been crazy about music, we always loved going to concerts, and I (Miriam) have been into concert photography from an early age. I still do it, but not as regularly as before. Then there’s our podenco dog Maya, our tower of strength in the middle of the everyday chaos. She always keeps her cool 😉 Together with Maya, we like to spend quality time with our friends or watch action, thriller, fantasy or history movies. Torsten also enjoys reading books from the same genres, plus he is a huge soccer fan, especially of Borussia Dortmund.
Favorite instrument: Guitar.
Favorite music: Miriam: Slash and all his bands, Avenged Sevenfold, Hardcore Superstar, Skid Row, Aerosmith, Savatage, Black Stone Cherry, Spellbound Dazzle, Pink and many, many other rock, pop and metal artists | Torsten: Savatage, Dio, Down, Johnny Cash, Avenged Sevenfold and many more.
Education/professional training: Miriam: Media Sciences & Communications Major  | Torsten: Music Management Assistant
Which topic do you most like to discuss? Illegal downloads, the GEMA (German Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights), militant vegans, the BVB
What was the first record you ever bought in your life, and what was the latest? Miriam: In 1989, I bought Alice Cooper’s “Trash”, which will forever be one of my favorite records. The latest was “Music From Another Dimension” by Aerosmith | Torsten: “Annette Hopfenmüller presents Hard ‘n Heavy” was
my first album, I bought it on tape. The latest album I bought was Machine Head’s “The Blackening”.


Who are you?
We are Miriam and Torsten of Dr. Music Promotion, a music promotion agency with a distribution label, management department, publisher and an online shop, specialized in pop, rock and metal. True to the motto “Medicine for your ears | The all-round carefree service for bands, artists and labels”, we offer a wide spectrum of services in the music industry, and represent many years of experience in the entertainment business and the creative implementation of cross-media press, online, radio, TV and tour campaigns since 2006.

What do you do on a long day? How and why did you found your label/agency/company?
Miriam has been a freelancer for web & graphic design and photography with Vision ‘n’ Style since 2004, and Torsten founded the label Limited Access Records in 2004. Our full-service agency Dr. Music Promotion was founded in 2006 and combines our strengths and experiences. Dr. Music Promotion is seeking to “cure the patient”, i.e. labels, bands and artists who want to promote their recordings (CD/DVD/download/vinyl), by means of our services in the areas of music promotion and music marketing, either in order to raise awareness about their music, sell more records or gain press coverage for festival and concert applications or to promote their tour. Dr. Music Promotion is dedicated to exclusive artist development and consults outstanding artists and bands regarding any important questions and decisions. The goal is to make them fit for the music business through healthy career planning and development.

What is so special about Dr. Music Promotion?
Our team is completely committed, we have music in our blood, we know the scene very well and we’re good at cross-media thinking due to our years of experience in the marketing business in general, and in the music business especially.

How did you become a recordJet co-pilot?
Torsten: When recordJet launched, I read about the platform in the news, so I asked Jorin if he needed our support. We exchanged a few emails and met in person. We have been on board as their co-pilots since then.

Who was the most famous artist you worked together with? How was it? Gossip, please!
There have been many, for example: Dirk Thurisch, who was about to climb the mount Olympus of metal with his former band ANGEL DUST. Last year he had a respectable comeback with his band MERCURY TIDE. A few musicians from THE HEARTBREAK MOTEL are now touring with German rock band SEBEL. 4BACKWOODS singer Daniel Wagner is supporting “Unheilig” on tour with his new band F.R.E.I. We worked together with many talented musicians at the beginning of their musical journeys, who are now signed to major labels. The Austrians might know the rock band KRAUTSCHÄDL. They regularly enter the top 30 in Austria. It was an extremely difficult task to present their Austrian slang to the German media, but we even had airplay in northern Germany.

What was the strangest experience you’ve had during your work, and what would you rather not have experienced?
THE HEARTBREAK MOTEL and the record that was never released – that’s a phenomenon probably unique to music business. A few years ago, the guys had recorded a beautiful and versatile post-rock/alternative album with producer Claus Grabke. This album could very well have been their launching pad into the first division, but more than 400 shows within almost five years were too much for the band, so they split up after recording. Even now, four years later, we still like to play this gem of a record, and we keep asking ourselves if there might be a way to release the album. Nevertheless, we can do without bands who have had a few small successes and then think they are kings and queens and have made it, even though they still have a rocky road ahead them.

What is your ultimate tip for our passengers?
It doesn’t make very much sense to record an album, even in a great studio, and to distribute it to the stores if nobody knows about it. The importance of PR and marketing are often underestimated. So get in touch with Dr. Music Promotion at an early stage, we’d be happy consult you before your release.

Last words? Is there anything you really want to say, which you haven’t yet been able to share?
We are keen on finding the next big band and helping them with their breakthrough. It’s time for new, young headliners at festivals. The old heroes won’t live forever. So get in touch with us and make sure to visit our website, you’ll find lots of information there (in German and English).

Miriam and Torsten, thank you very much for the interview.

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