Captain’s Advice: Setup your iTunes links so they don’t go to Apple Music

As the newest streaming service on the block, Apple Music has made several headlines since launching a few weeks ago. So that you can understand all of its functions, especially when it comes to the differences between iTunes and Apple Music, we’ve prepared another tutorial covering “How to use Apple Music (and also iTunes) correctly”.


First and foremost, remember this:

•    Apple Music is a streaming service that allows your fans to only listen to your music online. This is what you call streaming music.
•    iTunes on the other hand is an online store that allows your music to be downloaded by fans. In this case, your music is purchased and the digital music file is added to your fan’s music collection.

Including a link to the iTunes Store on your bands website or social media profiles is important, as it provides your fans with a direct link to purchase your music. If you’ve already placed such a link on your website, good job! But it won’t do you any good if your fans are now using Apple Music on their devices. This is what has changed: By clicking on your current iTunes link, fans that are already using Apple Music may no longer be taken directly to the iTunes Store… they are now redirected straight to Apple’s new streaming service. This may cause a decrease of download sales and money made from iTunes.

What this means for you is that you will have to update your links to the iTunes Store ASAP.
Let’s put an end to this confusion together 😉 In the following steps, we will show you how to create separate links to the iTunes Store (opening in the iTunes Player) and Apple Music:


#1 Search for the name of your album, single or band on Apple’s Link Maker

First, open your internet browser and go to Apple’s Link Maker website. Type in the name of your album, single or band and start searching for your music. Now click on the music product you would like to create links for (just like we did for our passenger Spongebozz).




#2 Create separate links for Apple Music and the iTunes store

In the next step, six different links (embed codes) will automatically be created for you. The links for Apple Music and iTunes can be displayed in three different ways. We have chosen the large “Badge” for our passenger Spongebozz, as shown below.




#3 Place the links on your website

Now copy the link (embed code) for iTunes and paste it into your website code or replace your old link with it. Do the same with the link to your Apple Music Profile.

WARNING! Please make sure to name your links appropriately to avoid confusion. We recommend using captions such as “Listen on Apple Music” or “Download on iTunes”. Why? If you have already forgotten, take a look at the beginning of this article 😉

A little tip for future communication with your fans:

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