Captain’s advice: Create your own artist gallery on iTunes with iTunes Artist Images

Dear passengers, what does David Guetta have that you don’t? Correct! He has an artist gallery on iTunes. And it looks like this:

The detailed view of an image looks like this:


So, how did David do this, and can everyone do it? Well… YES! With our iTunes Artist Images Service.


iTunes Artist Images are presented like this: 

– in the iTunes player in the artist view by clicking on “Gallery”

– in the iTunes store on the artist page by clicking on “Gallery”

iTunes Artist Images allow you to give the fans who bought your music on iTunes a closer backstage look at you – it’s the perfect place to present exclusive photographic material, but you can also let your imagination run wild. Artist Images can be a way to entice your fans to buy your music on iTunes, which is worthwhile because iTunes is currently one of the stores with the best pay-out for musicians – and with recordJet, you receive 100% of this pay-out without any deductions or shares 🙂

Each artist can upload one profile picture and an unlimited number of gallery pictures. Gallery pictures can be grouped according to subject, date, photo shoot or other criteria. The gallery headers can contain copyright information or general information about the picture.


So how do you get your own iTunes Artist Images gallery? 

1.    You book the service “iTunes Artist Images” on recordJet.

iTunes Artist Images

2.    Complete the form for iTunes Artist Images. We need this information to create your access to iTunes.
iTunes Artist Images


3.    When we have created your access, you will receive an email from iTunes Connect containing your access data.

4.    When you are logged in on iTunes Connect, you can change your artist image by clicking on “Edit”, or create picture galleries by clicking on “Add New Gallery”. You can add as many pictures as you like to these galleries.


5.    You can see the picture specifications in the upload area.


6.    You can and should add meta data to every picture in order to define it more in detail:


7.    Inside the gallery, you can shuffle and reorganize your uploaded pictures however you like:


8.    You can also download the iTunes Artist Images manual on iTunes Connect.

9.    And the final result: You have a gallery as lovely as David’s.

If you can’t wait to get started, click here to book your access to the iTunes Artist Images Tool.*


*(Please note that we can only create access to iTunes Connect for musicians and bands that have delivered their releases to iTunes via recordJet – we cannot create access for other artists.)



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