Captain’s advice: How to integrate music into your website

Dear passengers, we hope you have had a safe landing in 2014 and your new year’s flight was as awesome as ours. Here comes our Captain’s new year’s speech with some (hopefully) valuable advice hidden between the lines ;).


Captain’s advice: How to integrate music into your website

A clever person named Dave Cool summed up some really good advice on Hypebot as to how you can integrate music into your band’s website. We have summarized the most important topics for you in this article. You can find some more basics regarding the setup of a band homepage in our article “10 things every good band homepage needs”.


1. Use a play button

It is crucial to provide your fans with a preview of your music. In order to do so there are plenty of different technical solutions – on the one hand you can integrate the play buttons of various streaming services like Spotify or Rdio.

Spotify Play Button mit Milky Chance | recordJet Blog

Alternatively you can use the “Album Discovery” widget from iTunes, which you can easily create here:

Milky Chance - Sadnecessary | recordJet Blog


2. Trade-off: One free track vs. email address

Email marketing is an important pillar for bands and musicians. For example, you can incentivize each newsletter registration with a free download as an easy way of growing your email address list – and which fan wouldn’t be thrilled about getting an exclusive download which comes FREE?


3. Let’s get physical

Along with digital downloads you should offer your fans the possibility to acquire your music as a CD or a good old vinyl record. There are simple shop modules you can easily integrate into your website in order to sell your physical stuff there. By the way, we offer a great deal for CD pressing, and vinyls can be done too upon request.


4. Lyrics and chords

Regardless if you sing in English, German or Swahili – almost every fan is interested in lyrics. Along with the renowned lyrics pages on the web it can make much sense to integrate your own lyrics into your website. Not only for reasons of SEO – it’s also a great service for your fans.

Plus another goodie for your fans (in case you don’t exclusively do electronical music):  Offer the chords of your songs for free download – just like our awesome passengers of Das Niveau are doing:

Das Niveau - Akkorde | recordJet Blog


5. “Dear diary”: Some private insights into the making of your music

Offer your fans information about all your music which they can’t find anywhere else. What was your inspiration for track XY and album ABC? How was your time in the studio? Photos and videos are also valuable and can make people buy your music.


6. Alternative buying options

Not everybody likes to buy from the big stores like iTunes or Amazon. Offer your fans the possibility to buy your music from other sources, if they wish. On recordJet we currently offer more than 20 store packages – did you know that, for example, you can deliver your music to stores like HMV Digital, Winamp or by choosing the 7digital store package?


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