Captain’s Advice: Get Your Artist Biographies Into The Stores

You’ve probably noticed that some artists have placed biographies on Spotify and on the iTunes store. Our support crew often gets asked how these biographies make their way there, and how you can get one for you and your band. This is how it works:
iTunes, Spotify and Shazam (mostly English-speaking/international platforms) receive their content, like artist biographies, from is a catalog of professionally written musician biographies, and is run by Tivo. These biographies are used for the stores and guarantee consistently high-quality texts because all the authors are professional writers.
So how do you get your own biographies to in order to make them appear in the stores?
It’s as simple as this:

– Send your music to Tivo, either digitally by email or as a physical CD by mail. Tivo also needs your biography (in English) so its professional writers can create a new text from it. You can find out where to submit your data on the Product Submissions Page of


– As soon as Tivo receives your data, scans it and adds it to its database, it may take several months until you will be listed on the website. From there, the content will make its way to the stores. For more information, check the Product Submissions Page of


– Important notice: Tivo has to prioritize the submissions because of the great demand. Artists who are very popular at the moment or who play an important part in history or art will be handled first. You may have to wait a while until you or your band are listed, so please be a little patient.


– Tivo’s service is free.
Of the stores we work with, Spotify, iTunes and Shazam are those currently using the editorial content provided by
For more information, go to this page:






2 responses to “Captain’s Advice: Get Your Artist Biographies Into The Stores”

  1. Ice says:

    Can you guys update this for 2017 and beyond? A lot of artists have failed following this advice as Rovi has been bought by TiVo in recent yrs, changing the submission process! Thanks!

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