Passenger of the Month in January 2018: ÄTNA

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Passenger of the Month in January 2018: ÄTNA
ÄTNA’s music thrives on contrasts. In the duo’s melancholic electro pop, the minimalistic beats of drummer Demian bounce against the intensity of singer Inéz. Some years ago, the two encountered on a 90s party of Dresden’s music academy and exchanged views on their common heroes: Enya, Thom Yorke and The Prodigy. Thereupon, they formed a band which shrinked to its essential parts soon.
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Since then, ÄTNA have worked as a duo together with Moses Schneider who has recently helped AnnenMayKantereit to their success. With him, they find new strength. ÄTNA’s songs are gentle pop hymns in which, nevertheless, strident emotions resonate. Their first EP caused quite an enthusiasm with critics and heaved the duo onto stages from Rotterdam to Istanbul.

Find more information on the official Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
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