10 things you should know about PREORDER

As you might know, some stores offer the possibility to download music before the official release date. This function is called PREORDER. Our support crew often answers questions about the preorder process, which is why we have compiled the most important information for you.


1. This is how preorder works

An example: You upload your music to recordJet on the 1st of November, and make December 24 the digital release date. recordJet will send your music to the stores within 48 hours. As soon as the stores with a preorder function have integrated your music, the preorder phase will start. From this moment on, your fans will be able to preorder your music but not download it yet.


2. These stores have a preorder function

At the moment, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Juno work with preorder.


3. My release is in preorder, but it’s not possible to order individual tracks – is there a mistake?

No, no mistake here. During preorder, you can only order the full album. After the official release date, this will be changed and your fans will be able to buy the tracks separately.


4. Preorder on iTunes

During preorder, iTunes allows you to see the future retail price of the release and preorder directly. Pre-listening, however, is not possible. This function is unlocked on the official release date.



5. Preorder on Amazon

On Amazon there is no option to directly preorder releases during the preorder period – all you can do is add a release in preorder to your wish list. Furthermore, Amazon doesn’t display the future retail price during the preorder period. What makes Amazon different from other stores is the possibility to listen to a release before the official release date.

Update: By default, the pre-listening feature is now deactivated for all releases of recordJet passengers on Amazon – but only during preorder period. After the official release date, each track can be prelistened as usual.

Vorband Preorder Amazon


6. Preorder on Google Play

Similar to iTunes, you can see the future retail price on Google Play, and there is no prelistening.

Google Play Preorder | recordJet Blog


7. Preorder on Juno

Juno is a store that sells nothing but dance music. During preorder, you can pre-listen to the releases, but it isn’t possible to preorder directly. You can, however, opt to receive an email as soon as the release is live and then buy it.


8. Can I opt out of the preorder?

No, the preorder process happens automatically and is standard in all of the stores mentioned.


9. And all the other stores?

While your releases are in preorder on iTunes, Amazon, musicload and Juno, they will simply not be visible yet in all the other stores you booked. They will be displayed there after the official release date.


10. TIP: It can take up to 4-6 weeks until all the stores have integrated your music (though in many cases they are faster). This is why we strongly recommend that you upload your music early enough if you have a specific release date in mind.

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