Your own Bandapp

BandApp is a totally free way for Bands, Venues and Artists to make, personalise and distribute iPhone and Android Apps. BandApp is a mini record deal for your band or extra Marketing Tool for your venue. It gives you the tools to sell music, promote gigs, chat to fans, post news and link in to your Social Media accounts all from one platform, and the really clever bit is how it engages your fans.

So, get this, once you’ve put all of that information into the BandApp Builder you’ll have created an App that you can give away to your fans via Facebook, Twitter, email or physically via a QR code, all for free, and all it takes is about 10 minutes.

Once the app is out there, you’re on the smartphones of your fans, and have a direct 24/7 line to them. That means if you record a demo in the rehearsal space and want some feedback, post it to your BandApp, if you get a gig confirmed let everyone know, or if you shoot a video, drop it on your fans right after the final cut.


BandApp also has a whole world of interactive sharing in the form of “BandApp World”. From here you can check the stats of your app, view the BandApp chart, find other bands in your location, share links, and chat to fans and other bands.


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