Sell and stream your music with Amazon

Amazon provides three options to offer your own music:
AmazonMP3 is the traditional download store clients use to buy and download your music.
Prime Music is Amazon’s streaming service which is available for Amazon Prime clients.
AmazonCD is a disc-on-demand service which burns your music to a CD, prints the cover, and sends it out to clients upon demand (US only). 
Pick the store package, “AmazonMP3” to distribute your music to AmazonMP3 and Prime Music, or the store package, “AmazonCD” for the disc on-demand service (US only).

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Amazon preorders

Amazon releases can be preordered before the official release date. The release is visible during this time and can be ordered as an album (not as individual tracks) but cannot be downloaded yet. Audio samples are deactivated in the preorder phase.
When you distribute your music through recordJet, you can set the date for the preorders to begin. The preorder phase automatically ends on the official release date. During the preorder phase, the release can only be purchased in full (“album only”). This is a standard function and no cause for concern. Tracks can be purchased individually after the official release date.

Amazon Trends

About 24 hours after a sale takes place on Amazon, the store provides us the sales data. You can see this data in your account under “Trends”.
Credit from Amazon usually arrives at the end of the second month after the purchase month, and is credited to your recordJet account on the 1st of the following month.

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Amazon countries

Digital music on Amazon is currently available in the following countries:
Amazon Germany
Amazon Austria
Amazon Switzerland
Amazon USA
Amazon Canada
Amazon Italy
Amazon Spain
Amazon UK