Infografik: Social-Media-Roadmap für Musiker (englisch)

Hier ein Artikel von Brendan Moore (@webmusicguy) der zeigt, welche Social Media Tools für Musiker interessant sein könnten.

I was recently asked to cre­ate a list of all the dig­i­tal ser­vices and tools an artist can use for social media, as it’s often over­whelm­ing to com­pre­hend all the tools online when you’re try­ing to focus on mak­ing good music. So here it is.


“Social Media” is a very broad term, and I have included tools that should be essen­tial to your dig­i­tal strat­egy, but may lie out­side of the “social media” definition.


It’s nearly impos­si­ble to be com­pre­hen­sive in a list like this, but hope­fully my own take on the fol­low­ing tools for artists is help­ful for you.  The other catch is that this list will surely become out­dated quickly, as the ever-changing nature of the social world exists. Feel free to voice your addi­tions in the com­ments below, and I’m sorry if I left out your favorite service!


Here’s an impor­tant tip: Don’t go just sign up for each of these sites. The key to social media is to only use the net­works that you can use effec­tively.  If you don’t have enough time to main­tain and make effec­tive use of 5 sep­a­rate ser­vices, then don’t.  Focus on the ones you can man­age, and be effec­tive there.


Quelle: Receptive Music


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