How much do music artists earn online?

During the past week some articles and informative graphs have been pusblished about how much money music artists can earn online. It’s true that, if using conventional channels of distribution, the earnings are actually pretty low. Nevertheless there’s new and and much more profitable ways of earning more money online. We have evaluated how artists can earn more by taking charge of their digital distribution with the help of recordJet.

How much do music artists earn online?

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  1. Tom sagt:

    I like the way you guys did work up the original graphics. Nice approach.

  2. […] dort gehen diese weltweit an MP3-Stores wie Amazon. Alle Einnahmen aus den Verkäufen gehören zu 100 Prozent dem Künstler. „Ein Album gut zu platzieren, kostet weniger als zwölf Euro pro Jahr. Das […]

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